The hottest Zoomlion wind power artifact zcc9800w

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Zoomlion wind power artifact zcc9800w was successfully delivered

on September 4, Istanbul, Turkey, was sunny. The delivery ceremony of zcc9800w - special tests in terms of tension, twists, contraction or shear were classified and ready according to the direction of strain and the speed of force application in the sample

10:40 as the customer received the golden key of zcc9800w, zcc9800w was successfully delivered to the largest crane customer in Turkey. It also witnessed that Zoomlion has created the record of the largest tonnage of Chinese engineering cranes exported to the European high-end market, and successfully entered the European high-end crane rental market

subsequently, customers and agents received professional interviews with Turkish industry agreements. The general manager of the customer recommended zcc9800w wind power artifact to industrial customers, with strong dielectric combustion performance ≠ fire safety, introduced the superior lifting and handling performance, information IOT, intelligent control and ultra wide arm technology of zcc9800w, and emphasized that zcc9800w China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, fully meeting the construction of various wind power conditions in Turkey. The general manager reported that the reason why he bought Zoomlion's zcc9800w was moved by the high safety, high efficiency, continuous stability and low fuel consumption of the product

with the successful delivery of zcc9800w, Zoomlion zcc9800w crawler crane has caused great catfish effect in the industry. All major leasing companies in Turkey have expressed their intention to purchase zcc9800w, and they have sent management and technical personnel to the construction site of zcc9800w to inspect and study

with the support of China's government policies, in the next three years, made in China will continue to develop at a high speed, its scientific and technological strength will be greatly improved, and its professional skills will continue to improve. It will provide support to customers in the field of medical devices and promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of China's manufacturing enterprises under such conditions. Made in China will shine brightly, and Zoomlion crane will sell well overseas

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