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Zoomlion: "World Cup" aims at the throne of Brazilian construction machinery

Zoomlion: "World Cup" aims at the throne of Brazilian construction machinery

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the wonderful curtain of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is about to open, and Chinese audiences without national teams may enjoy it with a little loss. On the sidelines, Chinese enterprises are also struggling to be shortlisted for the "World Cup" in the business community and become a world-class enterprise club. Zoomlion, a construction machinery enterprise from central China, is a typical representative of Chinese enterprises shortlisted for the "World Cup" of construction machinery

unlike the frustrating World Cup trip of the Chinese national team, Zoomlion, founded in 1992, has gradually grown into the sixth largest construction machinery enterprise in the world through years of globalization and continuous integration of global resources

more than that, in the future, with the completion of the layout of the Brazilian market, Zoomlion will aim at the throne of Brazilian construction machinery. At the same time, after a long time of development, China's plastic extruder industry will be closer and closer to the goal of "top three in the world of construction machinery"

Zoomlion: the more localized, the more globalized

preparations for the world cup are in full swing, and star players from football clubs across five continents are also returning to their national teams. Since the "Bosman act", the trend of player internationalization has been difficult to contain. In addition to exercising "employee ability" through top European clubs, the weak country tour is also seeking the best resources in the world to serve as the "CEO". This also shows that the competition of the team has evolved into the competition of resource integration ability on a global scale to some extent

in today's globalization, enterprises all over the world are facing the same competition. If enterprises want to win the world cup in business, they must integrate global resources for their own use. Zoomlion ranks sixth in the world in the construction machinery industry precisely because of its strong global resource allocation ability. According to the data, Zoomlion has 5 overseas R & D centers, 5 global spare parts centers, 6 overseas manufacturing centers, 12 international image stores, 8 global logistics centers, 50 overseas sales and service platforms, and has established overseas production bases in Brazil, India and other places

looking at the globalization development process of Zoomlion, it is not difficult to find that "localization" is one of the effective ways to achieve the best allocation of global resources, which is also the inevitable result of economic globalization. In today's business environment, with the more convenient global flow of resources such as capital, materials, talents and knowledge and the highly developed information technology, "globalization" and "localization", which were often separated in the past, are becoming more and more unified

the more localization, the more globalization. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, once pointed out that the first step for Chinese enterprises to realize real internationalization is to carry out the process of localization

Zoomlion in Brazil: implement localization feedback globalization

Zoomlion's layout in the Brazilian market is another pearl in its "localization" strategy

at the beginning of entering the Brazilian market, Zoomlion understood that any global company must pay attention to the localization needs of different markets and provide corresponding differentiated products and services, so as to extend global success to the local market. With the support of strong R & D capabilities, Zoomlion's technical team took full account of Brazil's construction environment, climatic conditions and working performance of products, and launched a series of low volume vehicle mounted pump products, HZS120 Standard mixing plant, ze220elc new excavator and other marketable products. The equipment for its impact test was quickly completed, and it is a first-class brand in the Brazilian market

besides localized products, localized marketing networks and service systems also contribute. In the mid-1990s, Zoomlion products first entered Brazil through agents. At present, Zoomlion has more than ten powerful secondary agents in Brazil, and the product sales and service points cover the whole territory of Brazil

in 2013, Zoomlion's "localization" strategy in Brazil went further. Zoomlion's first overseas self built production base - Zoomlion concrete machinery company Brazil, but in any case, the first pump truck produced by its subsidiary was officially offline and successfully sold. According to Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion, Zoomlion is currently setting up a factory in Brazil, which is expected to be completed in 2015. At that time, it will realize localized production of equipment and optimize the allocation of human, logistics and other resources in Brazil

the development of Zoomlion in Brazil has also made the concept of "the more localization, the more globalization" highly unified in business practice. In recent years, Zoomlion, based on Brazil and with the help of Brazil's demonstration and radiation role in the Latin American market, has rapidly emerged as a decisive force in the American market. At the just held 2014conexpo exhibition, Zoomlion signed a contract worth about US $20million with global cranes, a famous crane agent in North America

Zoomlion: localization operation requires globalization thought

for localization and globalization, in the late 1980s, Japanese economists put forward a new concept in an article published in Harvard Business Review, namely "global localization". It is intended to emphasize that when globalized products or services are combined with local culture, they are more likely to succeed. The success of McDonald's [Weibo] is a classic case of global localization. The maxim project will explore one of the manufacturing of new carbon fiber fabrics and resins. In order to adapt to the tastes of different countries and regions, the menus of McDonald's chain stores are also different

a detailed look at the above actions of Zoomlion in Brazil also shows that whether it is the localization of products, operation channels, service systems, or production, its essence is to integrate into the local social culture

Zhan Chunxin also has a clear view on this. He believes that the globalization of enterprises is not only to sell products from China to overseas, send people overseas, and build factories overseas, but to integrate into the global industrial ecosystem and become a world-class enterprise jointly supported by different nationalities, countries, and humanities. This requires that enterprises must use "the idea of globalization to achieve localized operation", that is, to follow international rules, integrate into the local culture and atmosphere of the target market, and use localized talents, resources, operation modes, etc., so as to achieve global development

Zoomlion can be regarded as a model in this regard. After the acquisition of CIFA in Italy in 2008, based on its own thinking and practice, Zoomlion has formed five guiding principles for global operations: inclusiveness, sharing,, rules and dancing, and has laid a foundation for its accumulation in Brazil and even the global market

in a few days, the battlefield of the 2014 Brazil football World Cup will be full of smoke, and in the field of construction machinery at the same time, who will dominate this new fertile land of Brazil and become a new leader in the global market? With the implementation of Zoomlion's "localization" strategy one by one, the answer will come out soon

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