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Zoomlion welding gun wires wear "new clothes" into a line of improvement highlights

Zoomlion welding gun wires wear "new clothes" into a line of improvement highlights

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recently, employees in the structural workshop of Zoomlion pumping products manufacturing department solved the wear problem by using spiral rubber hose to protect the welding gun handle, becoming a front-line improvement highlight in the workshop

in the past, the welding gun handle wires of the production front-line employees rubbed with the welding parts for a long time, resulting in burrs on the workpiece and cutting damage to the wires and hoses. Especially in high-temperature operation, the temperature of the welding parts will also accelerate the aging of the hoses. These problems seriously affected the service life of the welding gun. The welders changed their working posture to protect the welding gun wires, which also indirectly affected the welding efficiency. In order to improve the two major problems in this process, the welding staff in the structure workshop used their spare time to make a series of improvements to the welding gun handle wires. They use the waste spiral rubber sleeve, select the appropriate length, wrap it around the place where the front half of the welding gun hose is often worn, and then fix both ends with glue to prevent the rubber sleeve from moving backward during use, which greatly reduces the wear degree of the welding gun wires. When welding, welders don't have to worry about the damage of wires anymore, so they can devote themselves to welding work wholeheartedly and improve work efficiency

as soon as this improvement was introduced, welders in the whole workshop are welcome to inquire! Welcome from the masters, the welding gun hose has greatly reduced the degree of wear through effective protection, and the weld quality has also been controlled, so that the product quality and production efficiency have been double raised DC electromechanical speed control and feedback conditioning. When the S-type sensor is used as a small force sensor in the current market, welding and high-temperature gas separation are demonstrated. The process bid farewell to the risk of electric leakage caused by bare and worn wires of the welding gun, and can also save 160000 yuan of production cost for the company every year

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