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On October, 2011, the second China International IOT (sensing) Expo was grandly held in Wuxi International Taihu Lake International Expo Center. As the vice chairman unit of Zhongguancun IOT industry alliance, Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate. At the same time, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinatelecom, IBM and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad participated in the exhibition. All enterprises attached great importance to the exhibition and placed considerable enthusiasm and confidence in the vigorous development of IOT

this exhibition focuses on IOT and application, focuses on the publicity of ideas in the process of ordinary application, shows the corporate culture of Kunlun coast, and shows the IOT customs, RFID temperature tags Application prospect of wireless ZigBee series products Nanzhuang always plays an important role "Enterprise development and application skills involve cold chain logistics, petrochemical industry, intelligent buildings, and multiple IOT industry application solutions, and enthusiastically explain them to the on-site audience one by one.

as a leading sensor and data acquisition product supplier in China, the product quality and R & D strength of Kunlun Coast have long been recognized by peers, but Kunlun Coast has not stopped moving forward, but continues to innovate with IOT The concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The company has increased R & D investment and accelerated innovation. Traditional products have been upgraded and replaced one by one. New products continue to emerge. Wireless pressure, wireless temperature and humidity, ZigBee wireless sensors have been widely recognized by customers and good feedback from the market

in this exhibition, Kunlun Coast participated in the exhibition as a member of the IOT industry alliance. The atmosphere was warm and active. Many exhibitors also visited the Zhongguancun IOT. Therefore, c/c matrix composites have great development prospects in the aerospace manufacturing industry. We exchanged experiences, learned from each other, discussed together, seized this rare new market and opportunity, and worked together to make China's IOT industry bigger and stronger, This is also everyone's wish. Beijing Kunlun Coast has always adhered to the concept of creating value for customers, society and employees, creating more and better high-quality products, contributing to the development of the IOT industry and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry, which makes us excited

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