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On September 21, 2012, with the theme of scientific and technological innovation, international exchanges and win-win cooperation, the Kunlun coastal agricultural IOT made great achievements in the second international urban agricultural science and technology festival in Tongzhou. It aims to integrate the most advanced agricultural industry resources through this platform and display the international advanced scientific and technological achievements in modern agriculture, The second international urban agricultural science and technology festival in Tongzhou District, which promotes the exchange of agricultural science and technology at home and abroad and the transformation of achievements, was grandly opened in Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and technology park

this urban agricultural science and technology festival was jointly held by Beijing Tongzhou District government and China Agricultural University. Guests include: ministries, commissions and bureaus (National Development and Reform Commission, development research center of the State Council, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of science and technology, National Bureau of foreign experts, bureau of agriculture (agriculture, animal husbandry, agriculture and Forestry), science and Technology Commission (Science and Technology Bureau), Animal Husbandry Bureau, agricultural machinery bureau, Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, agricultural industrialization office, etc.); Scientific research institutions (China Agricultural University, agricultural policy research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Agricultural University, etc.); Well known agriculture related enterprises; Foreign counsellors, ambassadors to China, etc

opening ceremony of the second international urban agricultural science and technology festival

Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic sensor and data acquisition product supplier, as a high-tech enterprise, took part in this science and technology festival with agricultural IOT products

[experts' zero distance contact with agricultural IOT products]

in the greenhouse, the weight of Kunlun sea can be reduced by more than 30% compared with the ordinary wheel hub (12 ~ 20kg per vehicle). The shore technicians showed the agricultural experts the practical application of wireless sensing products (jhz-016 wireless sensor and IOT) in the remote monitoring of agricultural greenhouse, It vividly shows that the Kunlun coastal wireless sensor products can remotely monitor the changes of various parameters of the crop growth environment in the greenhouse, effectively adjust the control nodes in the greenhouse, greatly reduce the workload of manual inspection, and give early warning of unsafe conditions. Unattended and peak value monitoring can be easily realized through the background computer. In this regard, the audience said that nearly 20% of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions were generated by the transportation sector. They showed great interest and came forward to consult one after another

[technicians introduce ZigBee wireless sensor on Kunlun coast to guests]

[practical application of wireless sensor in greenhouse when greenhouse is large but high rigidity is an important requirement]

this science and technology festival mainly displays three aspects of domestic and foreign agricultural scientific and technological achievements, creative agriculture and high-quality agricultural products through on-site agricultural facilities, agricultural high-tech application display and text and picture descriptions. The audience can have zero distance contact with agricultural production, witness the great value of agricultural IOT with their own eyes, teach for fun, get closer to life, and create a strong scientific and technological atmosphere

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