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KUKA robot (Shanghai) participated in the ICRA 2011 new generation of KUKA products to make automation easier

on May 12, 2011, KUKA, one of the world's leading industrial robot suppliers, participated in the 2011 IEEE World Conference on Robotics and automation (ICRA 2011) held in Shanghai from May 9 to 13, 2011 as a platinum sponsor. Manfred gundel, CEO of KUKA robot, alwin Berninger, managing director of KUKA Asia Pacific region, Mun Chee Yin, CEO of KUKA robot (Shanghai) and zoutao, CEO of KUKA robot (Shanghai) attended the conference. During the conference, KUKA robot (Shanghai sales profit margin of 5.5%) exhibited KUKA youbot and KUKA Kr KS on site

at the other end, the theme of this conference is robot, making life better, which means that the constantly developing robot and automation technology will create a better new life for people. ICRA 2011 provides an extensive exchange platform for experts and scholars from academia and industry to jointly discuss the challenges, solutions and future research directions of robotics and automation technology

alwin Berninger, managing director of KUKA Asia Pacific region, delivered a speech entitled KUKA Quantec robot simple plug-in and easy automation at the second industrial forum of the conference. KUKA regards simplification as the core topic of future robot technology development, and has long been committed to simplifying robots in all directions. With the release of a new generation of product series composed of NTEC robot series with greater qua demand, Kr C4 robot controller and rkvisual software platform, KUKA can make automation simpler, easier to plan, integrate, operate, maintain and meet special customer needs. In short, KUKA showed people how to make robots safer and more energy-saving with new products

Manfred gundel, CEO of KUKA robot, said: we are very happy to participate in ICRA 2011, which is an annual event for experts in the field of robotics and automation in the world. As a robotics leader from Germany, KUKA is very happy to share our latest trends with the industry. The new generation of KUKA robot products uphold the idea of making automation simpler and provide users with more friendly automation solutions

at booth D of the conference, KUKA also exhibited youbot robot to the participants. The robot is designed to promote the teaching and R & D of mobile manipulator, and is a master of key technologies of advanced robots. Youbot has an omni-directional mobile platform and a five degree of freedom arm, and a two finger mechanical gripper at the end of the arm. It has an open interface and can realize real-time Ethernet communication. In addition, its manipulator and mobile platform can be used independently

KUKA also exhibited a six axis low load robot Kr KS, with a maximum working range of 1801mm, a payload of 16KG and an additional load of 30kg. The robot is widely used in most fields of processing industry

about KUKA company

KUKA company is one of the world's top industrial robot manufacturers, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is its wholly-owned subsidiary in China. KUKA has an annual output of more than 10000 industrial robots, and has installed 150000 industrial robots in the world so far. KUKA robot is widely used in instrument, automobile, aerospace, consumer products, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry, plastic and other industries. It is mainly used in material processing, machine tool loading, assembly, packaging, stacking, welding, surface finishing and other fields. KUKA has customers all over the world and has more than 20 subsidiaries and 2200 employees worldwide

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