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Kunming brake fluid vacuum filling machine Lirui electric after sales advanced

Kunming brake fluid vacuum filling machine Lirui electric after sales advanced

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⑥ between terminals +, PR, do not connect anything other than the recommended brake resistor option, or do not short circuit. ⑦ The frequency converter input/output (main circuit) contains harmonic components, which may interfere with the communication equipment near the frequency converter (such as AM radio). ⑧ Do not install power capacitor, surge suppressor and radio noise filter (FR BIF option) on the output side of frequency converter. This will cause failure of the frequency converter or damage to the capacitor and surge suppressor. ⑨ After operation, the operation of changing the wiring must be carried out after the power supply is cut off for more than minutes and the voltage is checked with a multimeter. For a period of time after power failure, there is still dangerous high voltage on the capacitor. With the more and more extensive application of intelligent control system, the control mode of motor, as an important driving actuator, is highly valued by the majority of technicians. The soft starter is a novel motor control device which integrates soft starting, soft stopping, light load energy saving and multiple protection functions. This paper compares and analyzes the high-voltage soft starter with the low-voltage soft starter on the theme of soft starter today. A brief introduction of soft starter three-phase AC induction motor is commonly used in transmission engineering nowadays. In many cases, these motor surges are directly connected to the power supply system due to their starting characteristics. If the motor is started directly, a surge current up to times the rated current of the motor will be generated. This current will overload the power supply system and the switchgear in series. If it is started directly, it will also produce high peak torque, which will not only impact the drive motor, but also damage the mechanical device. For example: auxiliary power transmission Lhasa brake fluid vacuum filling machine (V-belt, gear). In order to reduce the direct acting current, starting AIDS, such as starting reactors or autotransformers, should be used. However, conventional methods such as starting reactors or autotransformers can only gradually reduce the voltage, while soft starters can realize impulse free starting by smoothly increasing the terminal voltage. Therefore, the power supply system and the motor can be safely protected. Soft starter is a novel motor control device which integrates soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and multiple protection functions. Its main structure is a three-phase anti parallel thyristor and its electronic control circuit connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor. Different functions can be realized by using different methods to control the conduction angle of the three-phase anti parallel thyristor so that the input voltage of the controlled motor changes according to different requirements

in fact, the soft starter is equivalent to a voltage regulator. When the motor is started, the output only changes the voltage without changing the frequency. It is easy to install and adjust. All control connections and parameter adjustments are completed on the front. After installation, the soft starter can still be easily retrofitted locally by users, such as additional current limiting function and internal/external conversion selection. The soft starter can operate continuously without bypass. The soft starter has separate control relays for bypass and fault. All parameters of the soft starter are set directly and accurately through three rotary potentiometers and a code pulling switch on the panel. It can be widely used in textile, metallurgy, petrochemical, water treatment, ship transportation, pharmaceutical and food processing, mining, mechanical equipment and other industries. II. Comparison and analysis of two kinds of soft starters the main circuit of soft starter adopts thyristor, and the voltage is raised by gradually changing the conduction angle of thyristor to complete the starting process. This is the basic principle of soft starter. In the low-voltage soft starter market, there are many products, but the high-voltage soft starter products are still relatively few. The basic principle of the high-voltage soft starter is the same as that of the low-voltage soft starter, but the high-voltage soft starter is different from the low-voltage soft starter in the following aspects: the high-voltage soft starter works in the high-voltage environment, the insulation performance of various electrical components must be better, and the anti-interference ability of electronic chips must be strong. When the high-voltage soft starter forms the electrical cabinet, the layout of electrical components and the connection with the high-voltage soft starter and other electrical equipment are also very important. One of the common problems is that the measurement data is inaccurate or the measurement value is too large. The soft starter must have a high-performance control core, which can process the signal timely and quickly. Therefore, this control core generally adopts high-performance DSP chip, rather than the common single-chip microcomputer core of low-voltage soft starter. The main circuit of low-voltage soft starter is composed of three groups of anti parallel thyristors to form Kunming brake fluid vacuum filling machine. In the high-voltage soft starter, because the withstand voltage ability of a single high-voltage thyristor is not enough, multiple high-voltage thyristors must be connected in series to divide the voltage. However, the performance parameters of each thyristor are not completely consistent. Inconsistent thyristor parameters will lead to inconsistent opening time of thyristors, resulting in damage of thyristors. Therefore, in the selection of thyristors, it is necessary to ensure that the thyristor parameters of each phase are consistent as much as possible, and the component parameters of RC filter circuit of each phase of thyristors are consistent as much as possible. The working environment of high-voltage soft starter is easy to not allow the existence of air holes to be subject to various electromagnetic interference, so the transmission of trigger signal must be safe and reliable. In the high-voltage soft starter, the trigger signal is usually transmitted by optical fiber, which can effectively avoid various electromagnetic interference. There are also two ways to transmit signals through optical fibers: a multi fiber way and a single fiber way. Multi optical fiber mode means that each trigger board has one optical fiber; Single optical fiber mode means that each phase has only one optical fiber, and the signal is transmitted to a main trigger board, which then transmits it to other trigger boards of the same phase. Since the loss of each optical fiber is not consistent in the process of optical and electrical transmission, from the perspective of trigger consistency, the mode of single optical fiber is more reliable than that of multiple optical fibers. High voltage soft starter has higher requirements for signal detection than low voltage soft starter. There are a lot of electromagnetic interference in the environment where the high-voltage soft starter is located, and the vacuum contactor and vacuum circuit breaker used in the high-voltage soft starter will produce a lot of electromagnetic interference in the process of opening and closing. Therefore, not only hardware filtering but also software filtering should be carried out for the detected signal to remove the interference signal

after the soft starter completes the startup process, it is necessary to switch to the bypass operation state. How to smoothly switch to the operation state is also a difficult point for the soft starter. How to select the correct bypass point is very important. The bypass point is early, and the current impact is very large. Even under low-voltage conditions, the circuit breaker in the three-phase power supply will trip and even damage the circuit breaker. The hazard is greater under high pressure. The bypass point is late, and the motor vibrates severely, affecting the normal operation of the load. Therefore, the hardware detection circuit of the bypass signal must be very accurate, and the program processing must also be appropriate. At present, PLC has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad, such as steel, petrochemical industry, electric power, building materials, machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, transportation, environmental protection, culture and entertainment. In Yuncheng Power Plant, there are mainly chemical water production, domestic sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, condensate polishing, etc. The use of PLC is mainly divided into the following categories. The switching value logic control replaces the traditional relay circuit to realize the logic control sequence control, which can be used not only for the control of single equipment, but also for multi machine group control. For example, the start and stop valve of the water pump, the water making system, and the sequence control dry ash removal system. Industrial process control in the industrial production process, there are some continuously changing quantities (i.e. analog quantities) such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and speed. PLC uses the corresponding a/d and d/a conversion modules and various control algorithm programs to process the analog quantities and complete the closed-loop control. PID regulation is a kind of regulation method which is widely used in general closed-loop control system. Process control is widely used in metallurgy and chemical industry. Yuncheng Power Plant is mainly used in central air conditioning heating system. Motion control PLC can be used to control circular motion or linear motion. Generally, special motion control modules are used, such as single axis or multi axis position control modules that can drive stepping motors or servo motors. They are widely used in various mechanical machine tools, robot elevators and other occasions

data processing PLC has the functions of mathematical operation internationally (including matrix operation function operation logic operation), data transmission, data conversion, sorting and table lookup. It can complete data collection, analysis and processing. Communication and PLC communication include communication between PLC and communication between PLC and other intelligent devices. With the development of factory automation network, PLC now has communication interface, and communication is very convenient. High reliability, strong anti-interference ability high reliability is the key performance of electrical control equipment. PLC has high reliability because it adopts modern large-scale integrated circuit technology and strict production process, and its internal circuit adopts advanced anti-interference technology. Using PLC to constitute the control system, compared with the relay contactor system of the same scale, the electrical wiring and switch contacts have been reduced to hundreds or even thousands of times, and the fault has been greatly reduced. In addition, PLC has the function of hardware fault self detection, which can send out alarm information in time in case of fault. In the application software, the user can also program the fault self diagnosis program of the peripheral devices of Nanning refrigerant vacuum filling machine, so that the circuits and equipment other than PLC in the system can also obtain fault self diagnosis protection. In this way, the reliability of the whole system is very high. With complete supporting facilities, perfect functions and strong applicability, PLC has developed into a series of products of various scales, which can be used in industrial control occasions of various scales. In addition to the logic processing function, most of the PLC have perfect data operation ability, which can be used in various digital control fields. A large number of various functional units have emerged, which makes PLC penetrate into various industrial controls such as position control, temperature control, CNC, etc. With the enhancement of PLC communication ability and the development of man-machine interface technology, it is very easy to use PLC to form various control systems. Easy to learn and use, it is welcomed by engineers and technicians. PLC is an industrial control equipment for industrial and mining enterprises. Its interface is easy, and its programming language is easy to be accepted by engineers and technicians. The graphical symbols and expressions of ladder diagram language are quite similar to the relay circuit diagram, which opens a convenient door for people who are not familiar with electronic circuits and do not understand computer principles and assembly language to engage in industrial control

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