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Label digital printing opens up a new field of wealth for the wise.

according to foreign investment, the wrong interface may damage the equipment; It is reported that the controller power supply must be turned off when plugging in and out the interface on the controller. In 2003, the world packaging market reached about 90billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of 6% - 10%. In the global packaging market, among various packaging printing methods, flexographic printing accounts for 41%, offset printing 37%, digital printing 10%, gravure printing 896% and other printing methods 4%. As we all know, besides flexo printing, gravure printing, embossing, offset printing and printing, label printing also includes heat transfer printing, inkjet printing and digital printing. In recent ten years, with the development of digital printing technology, printing labels with digital printing machine has become a new choice for label printers. Digital printing technology has been more and more applied in label printing industry

Fuji Xerox, HP indigo, OSI, Heidelberg and other major suppliers have sold more than 460 monochrome digital printers and more than 170 color digital printers in China, but few of them are really used for label printing. In Europe and the United States and other countries, the upsurge of printing labels by digital printing machine began in the late 1990s

who needs digital printing labels

fewer printing, shorter delivery and demand, and increasingly diversified marketing methods have become the characteristics of current market demand. Due to the increasingly fierce market competition, many manufacturers of consumer goods, food, drugs and other daily-use products have shorter and shorter cycles to launch new products, and the speed of changing product packaging is more and more frequent. These product suppliers hope that label printers can print a small number of new designs and labels in the shortest time and at the fastest speed

some large companies attach great importance to corporate image and often carry out some promotional activities or hold commemorative activities on some special days. The quantity of trial products and gifts distributed in these activities is very small, and the quantity of product packaging or label printing required is also very small, and the printing quality is required to be exquisite. Obviously, the traditional label printing method has long plate making cycle and high cost, which is difficult to meet the needs of such customers. The advantages of digital printing, such as no plate making, one sheet printing and good printing quality, just meet this demand. Therefore, whether new products are launched to test the market, or new packaging design or label design is changed, digital printing can help product producers reduce costs and speed up the promotion of new ideas and products to the market

digital printing brings new opportunities

at present, the digital printing machines used by foreign users to print color labels are mainly hpindigo and Xeikon products

in the highly competitive food industry, digital printing can quickly and economically produce short version live parts on demand, and print labels or packages of different quantities and contents for each trial marketing activity, so as to estimate the market demand for new products and determine the printing volume for mass printing

bopack company of Belgium used xeikondcp/32S printing machine and kromekote self-adhesive material to print 200 labels for biscuit maker delacre within 10 minutes. Bopack used to use flexo printing, printing and embossing to print labels. Now, it uses digital printing machine to print short version color labels, which provides the company with new opportunities and brings more business

venturinni company in Italy found that wine producers often launch limited gifts or sales of wine for some special anniversaries. The number of such demands each time is not large, no more than 1000 wine labels, but the printing quality is very high. There are many wine producers with such demands, and the market demand is huge. Venturinni seized this opportunity to purchase Xeikon DCP/32D and Xeikon DCP/50D, becoming the first Italian company to provide label digital printing services for wine producers. Nowadays, the wine packaging printed by venturinnl has been used for museum display, Christmas gifts, hotel opening ceremony or various commemorative activities. Their printed labels or packaging boxes reflect the personalized needs of customers and are deeply loved by customers

Netherlands altrif label is one of the largest self-adhesive label printers in Europe. It prints 250 different kinds of live parts every week on average. Large companies such as PG and Nestle are its customers. In the past, altrif Labei mainly used kopack letterpress to print various long version labels. It is noted that there are more and more short version labels in the market, and the interaction and exchange of government, industry, University and research funds are enhanced, and the small-scale promotion activities or new product trial marketing activities held by manufacturers are more and more frequent. Alqtrif first asks the customer what kind of label they need, and then decides whether to use traditional printing or digital printing according to the customer's requirements. With the HP lndigo press ws4000 digital printer, they can find new opportunities every day. In particular, small noodle rooms, jewelers, small restaurants and other places have more demand for personalized high value-added labels, and the prospect of personalized labels is promising

it is not difficult to see from the above cases that the application of digital printing technology has expanded the business scope and customer base of the enterprise. Using digital printing brush with good stability not only means shorter preparation time for sheet adjustment and faster printing speed, but also means higher utilization rate of printing machine, higher printing quality and lower production cost. Some people have made statistics that the preparation cost of each live part of the digital printing label is only 150 euros, while the traditional process requires 250-500 euros. The successful experience of foreign users is worth learning from. In the increasingly competitive digital printing market in China, rather than competing in the same commercial printing field, it is better to find another way to open up the packaging digital printing market, which may break a Xintiandi

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