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The main types of kvvrp soft core shielded control cable kvvrp4* straightening device are: roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); Pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley block); Winch type 2.5 multi-core shielded cable Hainan manufacturer

kvvrp soft core shielded control cable kvvrp4*2.5 multi-core shielded cable Hainan manufacturer

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product brand Jiaming wire and cable product model and specification, Complete models production City Langfang City shipment City Langfang General Factory total supply 980000 minimum initial order 3 product unit price 0.8 unit of measure meter product details

the kvvrp soft core shielded control cable kvvrp4*2.5 multi core shielded cable manufactured by our factory Hainan manufacturer product quality and quantity are guaranteed. The introduction is as follows: the insulation layer of power cable is composed of paper, oil, hemp, rubber, plastic, asphalt and other combustible substances. Therefore, The cable has the possibility of fire. (1) Short circuit fault caused by insulation damage. The protective lead sheath of power cable is damaged during laying or the cable insulation is mechanically damaged during operation, resulting in insulation breakdown between cable phases or between lead sheath, and the generated arc causes the insulation material and the outer protective layer material of the cable to burn and catch fire. (2) The cable is overloaded for a long time. For long-term overload operation, the operating temperature of the cable insulation material exceeds the allowable temperature for normal heating, so that the insulation of the cable is aged and dried up. This phenomenon of aging and drying of the insulation usually occurs on the whole cable line. Due to the aging and drying of the cable insulation, the insulation materials lose or reduce the insulation and mechanical properties, so it is easy to cause breakdown, fire and combustion, and even burn and fire at multiple places along the entire length of the cable. (3) The oil immersed cable drips and leaks oil due to the height difference. When the height difference of oil immersed cable laying is large

kvvrp soft core shielded control cable kvvrp4*2.5 multi core shielded cable Hainan manufacturer's delivery requirements: the delivery length of the cable shall not be less than 100m, the allowable length shall not be less than 20m, the delivery quantity shall not exceed 10% of the total delivery length, and the length measurement error shall not exceed ± 0.5%

the insulation resistance between the main cores and between the main cores and the ground wire of shielded cables for coal mines shall not be less than 100m when converted to +20 ℃ ω· km。 Product standard for mining rubber sheathed flexible cable: the national coal safety certification standard M-type cable has two types of structures: 4-core and 5-core. It is composed of 3 main cores and 1 ground core (one core of the 5-core cable is the control wire). It is twisted around the cushion core and extruded with chlorinated polyethylene rubber sheath or black neoprene rubber sheath. Conductive wire core: soft copper wire is adopted, and its performance meets gb/t. Insulation: gb7594 Medium xj-00 type a rubber. Core identification: insulation color separation identification is adopted, and the main core is red, green and white. The ground wire is black and the control wire is white. Check whether the upper and lower travel switches of the mobile station are in normal color one by one. Cabling: the main wire core, ground wire and control wire are twisted to the right around the rubber cushion core. Sheath: gb7594 Medium xh-03 type a rubber. The ordinary M-type finished cable has non flame retardant performance, and the flame retardant performance of the flame retardant M-type finished cable meets the requirements of Mt. Cable mark: the model, voltage, specification and manufacturer name are printed on the cable surface

kvvrp soft core shielded control cable kvvrp4*2.5 multi core shielded cable Hainan manufacturer the main characteristics of the development of China's wire and cable industry are that the number of enterprises is large and the scale is small; In general, China's wire and cable industry has the characteristics of large quantity and small scale. According to the statistics by the end of November, 2011, there are 4239 Enterprises above Designated Size in China's wire and cable industry, and there are countless smaller enterprises. The production concentration of wire and cable industry is low, and the market share of enterprises is only 1% ~ 2%. The top ten cable manufacturers can only occupy 13% of the market share at most. If the market concentration is increased to 50%, there will be a group of cable manufacturers with annual sales of 10 billion yuan. Therefore, it is judged that Chinese cable enterprises still need a long-term baptism of globalization and marketization to produce a group of 10 billion enterprises with scale and market competitiveness. European vanadium slag (containing 12 (1) 8% vanadium pentoxide in China) is a by-product of steel-making with vanadium titanomagnetite as raw material. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan have a high degree of industrialization, complete infrastructure, high urbanization and 6. 5% economic growth For the sake of safety

accounts for more than half of the sales revenue of the whole industry, reaching 63.77%, followed by South China, which accounts for 11.97% of the sales revenue of the whole industry. The sales revenue of wire and cable industry in other regions is less than 10%. Due to the low concentration of China's wire and cable industry, the sales revenue of several small enterprises accounts for a large proportion. The revenue of small enterprises accounted for 52.11%, the sales revenue of medium-sized enterprises accounted for 28.12%, and the sales revenue of large enterprises accounted for 19.78%. However, the proportion of large enterprises in developed countries such as Europe and the United States is generally more than 70%. Therefore, there is an endogenous power of enterprise merger in China's wire and cable industry. Only in this way can we improve the market share and improve the voice of wire and cable products. In 2014, the sales revenue of private enterprises accounted for nearly half of the sales revenue of the whole industry, accounting for 48.89%, followed by other enterprises, accounting for 22.17%, and the sales revenue of foreign-funded enterprises and enterprises with investment from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan accounted for 18.57%. The sales revenue of joint-stock enterprises accounted for 5.95%, while the sales revenue of state-owned enterprises accounted for only 1.72% of the total revenue of the whole industry

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