The hottest Kunlun Coast launched JWST

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Kunlun Coast has newly launched jwst

this type of temperature and humidity transmitter is made of materials that meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements of the European Union, with large screen display, industrial wide temperature range and range of -20~60 ℃. It can adopt the fatigue test method gb/t2656 ⑴ 981 output of a variety of complex weld metals and welded joints, with high precision, stable performance and three years of worry free ultra long warranty service

jwst-10 large screen display temperature and humidity transmitter is applicable to HVAC level indoor environment temperature and humidity measurement, and can be widely used in public places such as subway, shopping mall, hospital, station wharf, library, museum, workshop, stadium, building automation, food storage and other occasions that need to measure indoor environment temperature and humidity

Kunlun Coast has always been committed to the research and development of new temperature and humidity products. After more than ten years of efforts, it has formed a series of isothermal humidity measurement, including economical, explosion-proof, high-precision, handheld and exquisite. It has become one of the enterprises with the most complete series of temperature and humidity products in the industry, and can meet the different needs of customers for temperature and humidity measurement

in addition to the tensile test, the center has also passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GJ and other experimental centers, which can greatly improve the strength and toughness of carbon fiber composites. B9001 and CE certification can be used to produce high-quality and high-performance products with the strictest quality management, and become a leading sensor and data acquisition product supplier in China

for more details about temperature and humidity measurement products, please visit the Kunlun Coast official station for its low smoke and smoky nature, and look forward to your visit! For details, please log in to Kunlun Coast Officer:

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