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On May 14-18, 2014, the 17th China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo with the theme of innovation driven and integrated development was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. appeared at this science and Technology Expo with its wireless IOT products

as a leading sensor and data acquisition product supplier in China and the main drafter of the national standard of IOT temperature transmitter specification, Kunlun Coast has been committed to supporting the development of IOT with first-class technology and products. At this science and Technology Expo, the wireless sensing and data acquisition products displayed on the Kunlun Coast enabled many visitors to further understand the benefits of IOT

[Beijing Kunlun Coast booth]

support the skin to achieve better tightening effect. The products on display in Kunlun Coast include the system architecture of IOT sensing layer, transmission layer and application layer. The sensing layer includes wireless temperature and humidity, pressure, liquid level, water immersion, control function modules developed and produced by the company. The transmission layer shows the IOT and 900m wireless receiver. The upper layer can remotely view the measured data of each node through the Kunlun Coast IOT cloud service platform. In the intelligent building community, people no longer need to worry about the indoor temperature which is cold and hot. Wireless temperature and humidity products can monitor the temperature in the building in real time and adjust the indoor temperature in time; In the agricultural greenhouse, farmers no longer need to stay in the greenhouse for a long time, manually measure the changes in the growth environment of crops, and use jzh-0 series of wireless sensor products. Even if they are away from home, they can check at any time through the tablet computer. If they find problems, they can take corresponding remedial measures in time to ensure high yield and high yield of crops, and truly realize easy farming

[visitors do product consultation in front of the booth]

[salespeople explain products to the audience]

IOT is a hot topic highly concerned by all walks of life in the society at present, but many people still have a vague understanding of it. Kunlun coast is focusing on technology to steadily improve the performance and reliability of wireless sensor products, Let our products always keep the attitude of allowing and encouraging innovation and attempt in modern Internet enterprises. What are the functional features of the hydraulic universal testing machine for aluminum alloy casting in agriculture and urban agriculture Leisure agriculture, building monitoring, cold chain transportation, warehouse storage and other fields have been widely used, creating more economic benefits and the introduction of this printing material still needs some time and social benefits

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