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KUKA seven axis light robot planned mass production: seize the big market in the medical field

KUKA robot Co., Ltd. located in Augsburg is subordinate to KUKA Co., Ltd. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots. The core strength of the enterprise is to develop, produce and sell industrial robots, control systems and software programs. The company is a market leader in Germany and Europe, ranking third in the world. Globally, KUKA robot group has about 3180 employees. The company has 25 subsidiaries, which are distributed in important markets in Europe, America and Asia. (2012 data)

light robots are KUKA's main products in recent years, and KUKA has been targeting the market in this field. Among the four families, KUKA has the smallest volume, but its products are also the most distinctive. From time to time, some new things will pop up to surprise everyone

2013, KUKA ushered in a new generation of robots: KUKA launched the world's first light robot (perceptual robot) suitable for the industrial field through LBR iiwa, and each axis is equipped with a built-in sensing system

kuka is in the industrial circle, but its heart is very trendy. The streamlined design of its product appearance is very good, and the design of many structural parts and motors also has a sense of science fiction. Many products have won red dot and if awards. For example, KUKA LBR iiwa, his boss, is reluctant to put the robot into the factory

after three years, KUKA has made new moves. At the medica medical exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany, last November, KUKA showed their light robot LBR Med, which can assist people in surgery or medical rehabilitation. At the exhibition when the experimental machine is used to stretch, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of metal tensile samples at the speed specified in gbt228, LBR Med really makes people look forward to it

according to the news, recently, KUKA announced that KUKA LBR Med robot will be put into mass production in the spring of 2017

light robot has always been a very important branch of KUKA's product line. KUKA's LBR iiwa robot has been recognized by the industry. LBR series has become a synonym for KUKA's light robot. For example, LBR stands for light robot and iiwa stands for intelligent industrial work assistant. Previously, LBR iiwa robot achieved direct cooperation between humans and robots, thus completing tasks with high sensitivity requirements without any protective measures, expanding the scope of work to new fields and making people work more efficiently. Although it is a light robot of the same series, the subtle difference between KUKA LBR iiwa robot and KUKA LBR iiwa robot is that KUKA has many strict requirements for robot production in the field of medical surgery, and has made a number of adjustments to the light robot in the field of medical treatment

firstly, KUKA adjusted the appearance materials of LBR Med robot to make it have biological compatibility and corrosion resistance; Secondly, the built-in interfaces of all KUKA LBR Med robots are optimized and meet the hygiene standards of clinics, hospitals or operating rooms. It is reported that LBR Med robot has passed IEC 60601-1 management standard (IEC 60601-1 standard is a medical electrical equipment coordination standard recognized by most national public health departments). The IEC 60601-1 standard of KUKA LBR Med robot has passed the inspection of iecee-cb cheetah wire, which is actually a flexible polyurethane material framework process. KUKA said that the CB certification and CB report of KUKA can reduce complicated test items and significantly simplify the certification process

it is understood that the LBR Med robot has very high sensitivity and is developed by KUKA based on its seven axis light robot technology. Each joint is equipped with a sensor and has a certain sensing function. As for the role of LBR Med robot, KUKA said that medical product manufacturers can integrate it into a medical product as a separate mechanical part, "Our booth has the most technical content to perform various tasks. As long as appropriate tools and procedures are matched, LBR Med can support medical work such as endoscopy and biopsy, and can also be used to perform bone sawing or place spinal nails. KUKA's technology in cooperative robots has always been among the forefront in the world. Its cooperative robots have made breakthroughs in sensory ability, safety, fast teaching KUKA light robot has the advantages of simple operation and control. The mass production of LBR MDE robot may be able to solve the problem of patent application rate for some medical effects, which is an important attempt to popularize and improve medical robots

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