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Kunlun Coast made its debut in the 15th ICIF. As an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform facing the world in China's industrial field, the 15th China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as ICIF) has successfully concluded in Shanghai on November 9, 2013. In order to show the company's high-quality products and explore a broader market, Kunlun coast was invited to participate in the Shanghai Industrial Expo for the first time, and received the attention of many professional users

[industry users negotiate and consult in front of the booth]

[domestic and foreign users request product data]

the Kunlun Coast booth is mainly divided into a display area and an experience area. The display area comprehensively presents four categories of products: Kunlun Coast industrial control, environmental monitoring, wireless transmission of the signal to the computer and data acquisition. Visitors can intuitively understand the product's appearance and size, and the different installation methods are applicable to which environment and other functional features

[technical engineers answer questions and develop solutions for users]

in the experience area on the Kunlun coast, visitors can intuitively experience the measurement process and results of the company's main products on site, and clearly understand the practicality and reliability of the products

[visitors watch product demonstrations in the experience area]

through this exhibition, Kunlun Coast presented the visitors with the advanced process and innovative technology of the company's products, which is the result of Kunlun Coast's continuous efforts in the past 20 years. It is officially expected that the product will be fully produced in the third quarter of 2017; The 20000 ton lithium hydroxide project has given the Kunlun coast a solid position as a leading domestic supplier of sensors and data acquisition products. The company attaches great importance to the future of scientific and technological innovation. We will continue to explore and innovate, take the customer as the guide, understand the customer, connect with some existing blocks and reduce the price to close the customer and serve the customer

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