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Top 10 reasons for choosing Xifei system doors and windows

top 10 reasons for choosing Xifei

first, independent product research and development: it has many patented products with strong functionality, atmospheric appearance, beauty and thickness

II. Rich products: energy-saving flat door and window series, luxury sliding door series, sunshine room series, curtain wall series, protective door and window series

third, style diversification: product diversification (Chinese style, European style, simple European style) more choices

IV. quality refinement: high standard supporting accessories (imported hardware, sealant strips, detail accessories, etc.)

v. brand advantages: Xifei system doors and windows has become a well-known brand in the industry, which stems from the R & D strength of Xifei system doors and windows and the persistence of product quality. It is a strategic partner of fanzhijia and red star Macalline

VI. service advantages: the perfect service system adheres to everything, takes quality and service as the core, plays a role in product quality, and gives customers the best service quality

VII. Private customization of products: Xifei system doors and windows continue to work hard and innovate, launch private customized products to create a personalized door and window style, and strive to meet the personality of each consumer, so that consumers have the most suitable doors and windows for themselves

VIII. High cost performance: Xifei system doors and windows has more than 600 production and design patents, which will improve the cost performance of products to the greatest extent, so that consumers can buy the most affordable products

IX. advanced production equipment: introduce advanced equipment and processing technology at home and abroad to ensure quality, and introduce Italian Tuoren profile CNC stretch bending machine, German Hefner and German Haomai full-automatic precision CNC cutting equipment

X. standardized management: obtained the "China's door and window quality measurement supervision and inspection report", "China's green environmental protection products", "national authoritative testing ・ quality qualified brand", "China's recommended brand for engineering construction", "environmental management system certification", "quality management system certification", etc





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