White decorated cottage to create a new honeymoon

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First of all, in terms of the innate pattern, the designer first evaluates the existing pattern, follows the principle of improving space utilization, and makes the whole room look flat but hidden mystery design, which can create fun in life in addition to aesthetic and practical. In order to solve the problem of too many beams and columns in this case, in addition to the use of local gradual processing of the ceiling to alleviate the discomfort caused by vision, we also use planning skills to make the abnormal space have more use value

the entrance porch uses simplicity and brightness as the keynote to outline practicality. Considering the space proportion and functionality, it is not only the function of providing storage and compartment wall, but also the bar and dining cabinet of the restaurant

in addition, the linear cutting using golden geometric figures, in addition to giving visual beauty, is more in line with the use of ergonomics. The ingenious planning, design and presentation allow the porch, living room, kitchen and restaurant to display the integrity of the public space with a full fluent dynamic arrangement

in order to enable the living room to extend the visual scale in the existing space, a large number of light and light color systems are used in color matching, such as polished quartz bricks, white oak, artificial stone, etc., and even in space software and hardware, such as walls, ceilings, and sofa furniture, the consistency is released with flat lines, and the similar color systems are used to lay out, thus releasing a very elegant and pleasant comfortable atmosphere

in the restaurant, the designer uses a semi open style to slightly separate. In addition to completely retaining the functional independence, the restaurant bar and the dining cabinet also hide the large beams and columns between the guest restaurants. At the same time, the design and planning of the cabinets are appropriate. Located next to the dining table, the translucent cabinet design planned along the wall not only allows the space tension to extend infinitely, but also allows the vision to reveal a rich scale of life





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