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In the recent fire of "descendants of the sun", song oba attracted all sentient beings with his high beauty and full of flirting skills. A large group of girls were obsessed with it. They wished they were born in South Korea and could have a close contact with beautiful men

recently, song oba in the fire of descendants of the sun

with his high beauty and full of flirting skills

captivates all sentient beings, and a large group of girls are obsessed with it

wish they were born in South Korea

can get close contact with beautiful men

Song Zhongji is really handsome and charming to flirt with girls

but, My sister is my own

how can I fall into the hands of others

it doesn't matter to be infatuated with Korean style

let's build a small and fresh home

tie my sister's heart

flirt with my sister or something light

since we want to create a small and fresh style

it's important to choose home decoration color

light color is more suitable for simple and elegant fresh style

appropriate iron decorations add artistic style

of course, green plants are essential

closer to nature

Most girls will be overwhelmed when they see such a room

of course, log color is also a good choice

as if you are in the arms of nature

decorations such as photo walls

are also important items to create a literary atmosphere

in addition, there is a beautiful small balcony

which will add a lot of points

when the weather is good, let's bask in the sun

chat, Rest

people who will live are the most attractive

create a different tatami study by the window

will bring many unexpected surprises

two people in the rest time

quietly face-to-face reading books

enjoy the mellow coffee or the fragrance of tea

will enhance feelings invisibly

it's time to show your flirtatious skills

idyllic small and fresh bedroom

is a favorite of many girls

Place yourself in a small garden created exclusively

to create a calm and casual style

the floating window is an essential place to flirt with girls

you can not only bask in the sun during the day

at night, you can also hug each other to see the beautiful night scenery

colorful lanterns, Traffic

twinkling stars and so on

will constitute your romantic memories

create an environment for you

let you flirt with girls skills max

Rhine egger to true character

true service

always pursue perfection

we insist on friendship Service

real materials

true material

carefully select every inch of material

we choose excellent material

true design Plan

true design

perfect interpretation of humanized design concept

we invest on human design

serious manufacturing

true manufacturing

deeply grasp the essence of German manufacturing

we advocate Germany manufacturing spirit

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