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when decorating the new home, the partners not only hope that the new house is comfortable and warm in the overall effect, but also can be harmonious and mutual aid in Feng Shui. If you want a good home feng shui, you should pay careful attention to some details in the process of home decoration, so as to keep the good fortune at home. Now let's take a look at the six Feng Shui taboos of decoration with Xiaobian

the house with the door directly facing the elevator entrance is very easy to get in and out, but such a house is easy to lose money or suffer from disasters, especially if the elevator entrance is on the right side of the door. Such a house needs to be blocked by a porch before it can be dissolved

the door at home should be square and angular. Some people like to make an arched door, which is not good, because sometimes the doorpost will look like two candles, which looks very bad and is prone to money loss or disaster

the living room is the place of wealth. If the dining table is placed in the living room, it is very appropriate, but some people will like the balcony of the house. Although the scenery looks good, it should be noted that home is not a hotel, so it is easy to lose money, which is an unfavorable Feng Shui

if there are too many mirrors in the home, it is also easy to lose money, which will consume the wealth of the home. However, it should be noted that although some people do not have mirrors, smooth glass will also form mirrors, so it is better to change them into frosted or carved ones

if the house you live in is a European style house, these houses add large bay windows in order to increase indoor space, lighting and wind. If the balcony faces this kind of jagged building, you must use Bay mirrors or copper turtles to dissolve it, otherwise it is easy to lose money

for the master bedroom, the window should not be hedged. If the bedroom has windows on both sides, it should be at right angles rather than hedged. Feng Shui believes that this pattern of double window hedges is easy to lead to the host's virtual and sickly body, the husband and wife are not easy to get pregnant, and damage wealth. If there are windows on three or four sides, it is more taboo, so it is necessary to block a window





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