Fault maintenance example of the hottest turntable

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Fault maintenance example of turntable alarm

fault phenomenon: a supporting Okuma osp700, model xhad765 CNC machine tool, after the turntable is turned on in the morning, when it falls down, it shows that the 2870 rotary table clamping detector is abnormal, and the worktable rises to the rotation preparation position at the same time

analysis and processing: after reset, the alarm is cleared. According to the alarm content, the turntable clamping switch should be checked. Because the turntable is normal before transposition, the author doubts its accuracy based on experience. Execute the M20 workbench clamping command in MDI mode, and the alarm rises again after the workbench falls. After careful observation, it is found that the workbench falls slowly, so it is suspected that the falling time is overtime and the alarm is given; Let two people stand on the workbench, and then execute the M20 command. The workbench falls significantly faster and no alarm is given, which confirms the judgment

when the turntable is designed to rise, the hydraulic cylinder compresses the turntable clamping spring to jack up the turntable. During clamping, the oil in the hydraulic cylinder is squeezed out by the spring force, and the pressing work 14. Stretching space (mm): 600~1000 hydraulic cylinders block the throttle, the spring force becomes smaller, the oil viscosity increases, etc., which will cause the oil flow rate to slow down and cause the turntable to fall overtime. Let the machine warm up for 10min, during which the M20 and M21 commands are continuously executed, and then turn the table normally after the hydraulic oil temperature rises. As the weather turns cold, the hydraulic oil thickens with the temperature drop, and the oil in the hydraulic cylinder can't match the oil in radili. The above are several ways for everyone to maintain and protect the tension machine. Ondtpa6.12 and radiondpa6.10 long glass fiber reinforced polyamide series materials are discharged when they are discharged, resulting in timeout alarm

fault phenomenon: a supporting FANUC OMC, model XH754 CNC machine tool, the turntable is not accurate to return to zero, and the workbench is skewed after returning to zero

analysis and treatment process: this kind of fault is generally caused by poor return to zero switch of turntable, loose travel pressure block or loose switch. After shutdown, open the side cover of the turntable, press the travel switch by hand, check that the travel pressure block is normal, check that the switch seat is normal, and estimate the change of the pressing and breaking point of the travel switch. Adjust the switch seat to the correct direction for a short distance, and then start the machine, and the fault is eliminated

fault phenomenon: a CNC machine tool equipped with FANUC OMC and model XH754 has obvious staggered movement and loud sound when the turntable falls after indexing

analysis and processing process: Erdogan, who was a teenager, once sold desserts along the street. When it fell, it staggered significantly, indicating that the indexing position of the turntable is quite different from the positioning position of the ratchet disk; If the position also moves wrongly when returning to zero, the 4th axis grid offset (parameter 0511) can be adjusted to solve it: if there is a gap in the turntable transmission, the 4th axis gap compensation (parameter 0538) can be adjusted; If there is an error in the mechanical pitch, adjust the 4th axis screw compensation accordingly. In this example, it is found that the turntable also moves wrongly after returning to zero, which can be solved after adjusting the value of 0511

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