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With the shortage of petrochemical energy and the rising price, as well as the increasing pressure of environmental protection, the domestic wind power industry has shown explosive growth. However, there are hidden worries behind the market prosperity. China's wind power equipment industry is still in the early stage of growth. From the perspective of the entire industrial chain, there is no perfect upstream and downstream industrial layout, and about 80% of enterprises do not have independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. Now there are still many enterprises entering, and it is expected that after a period of time, there will be enterprise restructuring, mergers, and even bankruptcy

recently learned that China will choose to build 400 70 meter and 100 meter high wind measurement and observation towers in areas rich in wind energy resources to conduct a detailed survey and evaluation of wind energy resources, so as to establish a national wind energy resource evaluation system integrating professional observation, numerical simulation and comprehensive evaluation of wind energy resources. On this basis, combined with the terrain, transportation, electricity and other wind farm project construction conditions, The wind farm project reserve with a total installed capacity of about 50million kW is proposed. The promotion of this project has brought good news to the domestic wind power industry

with the shortage and rising price of petrochemical energy and the increasing pressure of environmental protection, the domestic wind power industry has shown explosive growth. According to statistics, the total installed capacity of wind power in China has exceeded 5000 MW in 2007, and the 2010 target has been achieved three years ahead of schedule

experts believe that with the expansion of China's wind power market, more enterprises will be attracted to enter this field. However, due to the uneven development of the industrial chain, the domestic wind power market will face resource integration in the future

the prospect of wind energy utilization is promising

in recent years, with the maturity of wind energy technology and the continuous introduction of relevant policies and financial support by the state, China's wind power industry has developed rapidly. At present, domestic enterprises have basically mastered the manufacturing technology of wind turbines below megawatt level, and the main parts have been localized. Among them, the Wind Energy Research Institute of Shenyang University of technology, Dongfang turbine factory and Harbin feiweida company have made progress in the development of domestic MW variable-speed units

"in the research and development of megawatt wind turbines, many enterprises have produced prototypes, but there is still a process from prototypes to stable and reliable capacity growth." Zhu Junsheng, chairman of the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of the China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources, said

"in fact, in the field of wind power, China's research strength is not weak. From the national level, our R & D strength is very strong in materials science, aerodynamics, and mechanics in industry and agriculture, and now our energy and funds are also shifting in this direction." Hanxiaoping, CEO of China energy, said

from the perspective of the capital market, listed companies in the environmental protection and new energy sectors are increasingly becoming one of the hot spots pursued by investors. In particular, the listing of Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. on December 5 last year has been pursued by the capital market

after entering 2008, investors' enthusiasm for new energy investment remains undiminished. As of March 5, 19 listed companies have issued 23 investment announcements, with a total of 26.542 billion yuan of new energy investment, including more than 6.6 billion yuan of wind energy investment. In addition to Goldwind technology's investment of 432.587 million yuan to acquire the shares of vensys Energy Co., Ltd. and 88.6 million yuan to build a megawatt wind turbine assembly base, there are also A-share market in which Shanghai electric power and Huayi Electric invest in the construction of Zhejiang Tiantaishan wind farm project, and Shidai new material invests 24million yuan to build a wind turbine blade project

insufficient production capacity of parts appears

the development of domestic wind energy market has caused a huge demand deficit. On the one hand, the expanding production capacity makes domestic machine enterprises need supporting facilities; On the other hand, as China's policy requires foreign wind turbines to meet the requirements of localized production of 70% of parts, the lack of capacity of parts in the wind power industry has also begun to appear

zhujunsheng said, "especially for some key parts that aggravate the oil leakage phenomenon, such as bearings, gearboxes, etc., orders are relatively tight. Because the main bearings, electric controls and other major components in the parts basically rely on imports.

" now the market is basically looking for parts manufacturers, not manufacturers to find the market. Basically, every enterprise has orders and is working overtime to produce. "The electric power and renewable energy of China's sustainable energy project can firmly fix the experimental materials only by high-quality pipe clamps. Wang Wanxing, the project director, said that the wind turbine generator set needs to operate under difficult conditions in the field for 20 years, so the requirements for parts are relatively high. However, the domestic wind turbine generator set has only been widely used for three to five years. China's wind power equipment industry is still in the early stage of growth, and it is not perfect from the perspective of the whole industrial chain The upstream and downstream industrial layout

"although many domestic enterprises have started the research and development of key components, it still needs time." Zhu Junsheng, for example, said that the electric control system of wind turbines is the most critical and weakest part of domestic wind power equipment that can be used when the oil level reaches half of the sight glass. At present, there are mainly research and development institutions and enterprises such as the Institute of electrical engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei sunshine, XJ electric, etc., but most of them are in the stage of research and development and trial production

some venture capital funds involved in the field of wind turbine parts also commented on the market. Guodongjun, director of research and analysis of Qingyun venture capital, said: "venture capital now focuses more on some component manufacturing enterprises, such as blade, motor and other manufacturing enterprises. However, because the R & D cycle of components is very long, venture capital funds are more willing to invest in some projects that introduce foreign technology and will soon be able to localize production. Such enterprises can do it soon."

"with the attention of the government and the expansion of the wind power market, China's wind power industry will face more problems in the future, which is resource integration." Hanxiaoping believes

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