The hottest wind power seedlings need more care

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Wind power seedlings still need more care

as a clean energy, wind power is increasingly "valued" by countries all over the world. In China, wind power is like a seedling. When we are delighted with the rapid development of wind power, we need to pay more attention to the problems encountered in its growth and development, and timely pull out the weeds that hinder its growth to help it grow more healthily. At present, the contradictions and problems in the development of China's wind power industry are relatively prominent. For example, power construction lags behind wind power development, there is no national standard for wind power manufacturing, there is a potential surplus of wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises, and the wind power industry technology and enterprise operation management level need to be improved

of course, the R & D and manufacturing of analytical instruments in Jinan are also emerging one after another. It cannot be ruled out that some enterprises blindly start wind power projects. According to relevant national policies, enterprises with a total installed power generation capacity of more than 5million kW should account for 3% of the installed renewable energy power generation, otherwise new thermal power projects will not be approved. In order to meet the development needs of their thermal power projects, some enterprises build several windmills first, or circle "a piece of wind" in order to get a share in the new energy market

development wind 8. Experimental speed range: 0.01mm/min- ⑶ 00mm/min (arbitrary adjustment); Renewable energy such as electricity is an inevitable requirement for the transmission system of electronic universal testing machine to seize the opportunity of a new round of energy revolution. There is no doubt that renewable energy enterprises need to firmly grasp the valuable development opportunities, aim at the forefront of world industrial technology, and constantly break through more core and key technologies in order to seize the commanding heights of future development. But how should it develop? Is there enough feasible conditions for wind power development? Is it competitive with conventional energy? Wind power is not the only way to develop new energy? Why do we have to rush to wind power? Has the relevant department reasonably arranged the wind power construction sequence to avoid idle and waste of funds? Facts continue to prove that after the rapid growth of wind power in geometric progression, we have to face major challenges from all levels such as technology. If the above actions can be achieved before hanging the formwork, many problems exposed in the early stage of the development of China's wind power industry once again alert relevant departments and industries: scientific, orderly and reasonable development is the premise and foundation, and the development of wind power should still follow the law of gradual development. Relevant departments and enterprises should consider the production, transmission and consumption of wind energy as an organic whole, and each step of the road should be paved, only the road should be paved, Only in this way can we be steady and long-term

problems are not terrible. The key is to actively find the root of the problem and seek a reasonable solution. It is probably urgent to straighten out the energy management system that adapts to the development of wind power and improve the policies that encourage the development of wind power

national technical standards for wind power should be formulated and implemented as soon as possible. Wind power enterprises should be prepared to adapt to the standards, consider the rationality of cost control and technology, strengthen cooperation and communication with power and equipment manufacturing enterprises, and create enough living space for themselves

of course, the development of wind power industry also requires everyone's contribution. When enterprises use green electricity such as wind power, they pay 20 cents more per kilowatt hour than thermal power. In each kilowatt hour of electricity we pay, two percent is used to subsidize renewable energy. This money seems insignificant, but it can play a greater role when it adds up

although the wind power seedlings have encountered "growing pains", we will not give up, because its vigorous vitality gives the world infinite hope. Please give it more cultivation and care, and it will grow into a towering tree in the future

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