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China's wind power market is "infinite"

although the notice of the national energy administration further triggered speculation that wind power would be rectified, a data that cannot be ignored shows that as of May, the national development and Reform Commission has approved 131 wind power projects, and there is no sign that the approval of wind power projects will be suspended. In fact, the topic of wind power has been raised repeatedly in recent years. The rapid decline of domestic synthetic rubber prices and the serious abandonment of wind power have become two unavoidable problems in this industry

blue sky, white clouds, grassland, silver fans stand on the top of the mountain. In the season when the north wind blows the ground and the grass breaks, the blades of the wind turbine rotate like a wind turbine, and the invisible current is constantly flowing into electricity and sent to thousands of households. The scenery must be the impression left by wind power generation to most people, but in fact, most of the time, the wind turbine is quietly bathed in the sun, leisurely basking in the sun. Only when the moon was clear and the wind blew past, the windmills in twos and threes turned slowly and lazily like waking up from a dream, while the other windmills were still sleeping in a dream

the fan is not sick or lazy. It's easy to do this. Only the administrator curled up in the fan monitoring room needs to input a few Laplace numbers on the computer monitoring keyboard. Even if the wind is blowing hard, groups of fans can stand still

the wind farm at this time has a sad Name: abandon wind. Some people are more used to calling it electric anchor bolt, anchor cable, steel strand, anchor tension machine

is there really a surplus of wind power? Is it time to rectify the construction of wind power projects in China

rectification conjecture

at the beginning of the year, the National Energy Administration issued a document saying that in principle, no new wind power projects should be built in areas where wind power projects have been abandoned by more than 20%. On June 1, the notice of the National Energy Administration on strengthening the requirements of wind power and consumption (hereinafter referred to as the notice) was posted on its official website. The notice once again made it clear that areas with significantly low wind power utilization hours should not further expand the construction scale, which further triggered the speculation that the national energy administration would rectify

however, one data that cannot be ignored is that by may 2012, the national development and Reform Commission had approved 131 wind power projects, and there was no sign of suspending the approval of wind power projects. Two contradictory events made the rectification conjecture become confusing

in the approval of wind power projects, the national development and Reform Commission has never stepped on the brake, and it is still in the process of rolling approval. Qinhaiyan, Secretary General of the China Wind Energy Association, explained that some people believed that the national development and Reform Commission would suspend the approval of wind energy projects, which was entirely their subjective conjecture

according to the spirit of the notice, new projects will be restricted in areas with serious wind abandonment, which areas will be blocked by wind power construction? Most of the regions with serious wind abandonment are concentrated in the 'Three North regions', and new wind power projects in these regions will certainly be restricted. Bai Jianhua, deputy chief economist of the National Energy Research Institute and director of the Institute of energy strategy and planning, analyzed that wind power in these areas has been difficult to absorb, and it is certainly inappropriate to build new projects

although there is no brake on wind power projects, the national development and Reform Commission has reduced the approved installed capacity of the second batch of wind power projects in the 12th Five Year Plan, with a total of 16.76 million KW, far lower than the scale of the first batch of 28.83 million KW. Even so, the construction of wind power projects around the country is still in full swing. According to the statistical data of China Wind Energy Association, by the end of 2011, China's wind power cumulative installed capacity was 62.36 million KW, with an annual growth rate of 39.4%. China's wind power industry still maintained a rapid development speed, and various signs show that this rapid development trend will continue

the wind power market is infinite

China not only does not brake on wind power projects, but also provides a wind power market full of imagination. In Qin HaiYan's view, China's wind power market is infinite

according to the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of wind power technology (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") issued by the Ministry of science and technology, China plans to increase the installed capacity of wind power by more than 70million kW during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Together with the total installed capacity of wind power at the end of 2010 (except for Taiwan Province, which has not been counted), the total installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 100million kW by 2015

if the wind power market is compared to the feast of the energy industry, the 100million kW in the 12th Five Year Plan is an appetizer. This conclusion can be easily drawn from another Chinese wind power plan. According to the goal of China's wind power development roadmap 2050 issued by the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, by 2020, 2030 and 2050, the installed capacity of wind power will reach 200million kW, 400million kW and 1billion kW respectively. In 2050, wind power will become one of the main power sources in China

according to the current statistical data, China's wind power is an extremely huge market. If converted into capital, the cumulative investment to achieve this goal is 12

trillion yuan. The temptation of capital is huge. In the construction of wind farms, the enthusiasm of local governments is much higher than that of power enterprises. With wind power projects, wind turbine projects are necessary. This supporting project is often around the wind farm, and most of the fertilizer and water do not flow out of the human fields

in addition to reaping GDP and employment, local governments also put on the halo of green environmental protection, clean energy, strategic emerging industries, etc., which has brought about the improvement of regional image

with wind power projects, an industrial chain can often be opened up. Wangqiankun, an engineer at the Institute of new energy and statistics of the National Energy Research Institute, said

therefore, a very strange landscape is that many local governments have quickly launched a number of wind power projects with an installed capacity of 49500 kW, which belong to the approval authority of local governments, thus starting a rapid horse race enclosure

each wind power project corresponds to a wonderful picture, and sorrow also follows

what does the repeated abandonment of wind explain?

after a large number of wind power projects are launched, the direct consequences are: the existing power enterprises can't afford it, wind power can't be merged and consumed, and can only selectively reduce the amount of wind power

no one wants to see abandon the wind, which is a helpless move. Abandoning the wind wastes the money of the state and damages the interests of the people. Bai Jianhua said regretfully

at present, China's wind power construction has changed from a base development mode to a decentralized development mode. Especially in low wind speed areas, wind power accounts for a small proportion in the local power structure. A single small wind farm can be nearby and consumed, and the phenomenon of wind abandonment is not serious

the three northern regions, which are rich in and relatively concentrated in wind power resources, are high wind speed regions. There are many wind energy resources, the power demand is far lower than the power supply capacity, and the consumption capacity of wind power is limited. Even if the potential is tapped in these regions, there is still not much wind power that can be consumed. Therefore, facing the embarrassment of abandoning the wind

under the condition of rated electric load, power companies often give priority to ensuring the stability of thermal power and other energy sources. The reason for shutting down wind power is often that thermal power is cogeneration. The cost of shutting down immediately is too high, and wind power can only be sacrificed. Moreover, the inherent shortcomings of wind power, such as its instability, uncontrollable power, and impact on peak shaving on power safety, are also easy to be grasped by rivals

wind power is not rotten. From a technical point of view, the disadvantage of uncontrollable power generation can be avoided. When wind power is abundant, pumped storage is used to store wind power; When wind power is insufficient, gas power is used as an auxiliary to make up for the instability of wind power. In the European Union and the United States, the power structure of many countries is relatively reasonable, including wind power, gas power, thermal power, nuclear power, pumped storage, etc. flexible and diverse power sources can make up for the lack of wind power. Wang Qiankun introduced. These mature solutions can be used for reference to enhance the competitiveness of wind power. In fact, some wind power enterprises are doing so

in addition, over the years, the investment cost of wind power has been declining, while the electricity price on the benchmark has not changed, and the investment income of wind power is getting higher and higher, resulting in the rapid development of wind power in recent years. Once the wind is abandoned, it will not only bring heavy losses to the wind farm, but also a serious waste of energy. Only by further rationalizing the pricing mechanism of wind power and leaving reasonable profit space for all parties can we mobilize the enthusiasm of wind power and consumption. Wang Qiankun thought

in addition to pricing, institutional guarantee is also needed to avoid the occurrence of game between different energies. Ren Dongming, director of the renewable energy development center of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said at a meeting that renewable energy power is expected to implement a quota system, which can be adjusted through the use of quotas to ensure the balanced and large-scale development of the power generation industry, which can be regarded as a solution

the frequent occurrence of wind abandonment also reflects a problem: the distribution of wind power resources in China is unbalanced, the power demand is unbalanced, and the inversion between the supply and demand sides of wind power is prominent

winter is the season with the most abundant wind power resources in the three northern regions. The strong wind for six months flows on the earth, and the weight of the fan is reduced by about 30%; Compared with glass fiber nylon, the power generation is the most concentrated. Just at this time, catching up with thermal power heating and cogeneration, thermal power should be given priority and consumed. The economic level of Sanbei region determines its limited consumption capacity, and three quarters of wind power will be discarded

Beijing, thousands of miles away, is also a season of dripping water and ice. When coal trucks frequently enter and leave power plants and thermal power companies, and snowflakes fly, the general public will face the risk of switching off and limiting electricity. One side is to abandon the wind and not use it, and the other side is to limit electricity. The way of living in different regions forms a strong contrast

the reason for this contrast is that the planning of power supply and power is not coordinated, and the construction speed of power lags far behind the development speed of wind power. Only by accelerating the construction of power infrastructure can we minimize the phenomenon of wind abandonment

we should speed up the cross regional mobilization of wind power

80% of China's wind power generation will be in the three northern regions. Expanding the market scope of wind power in the three northern regions and transferring excess wind power to the three northern regions is the fundamental strategy to solve the problem of wind power consumption in the three northern regions. Bai Jianhua believes

the integration of wind power into power enterprises is not a problem, and the difficulty is the long-distance cross regional transmission of wind power. Power enterprises themselves do not produce electricity, but are only responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity. It is the inability to bear the transmission and distribution of a large amount of power in the three northern regions that gave up the readily available wind power resources

with the continuous promotion of China's new urbanization construction, the only solution is to accelerate the construction of cross regional transmission channels and accelerate the planning and construction of UHVDC transmission projects. Bai Jianhua stressed that the overall planning and coordinated development of these infrastructures should be fully considered at the beginning of construction, and the safety of wind power for the entire power system should be considered

wind power is the trend of China's energy development. To realize the long-term plan of wind power development, China mainly depends on the wind power base in the three north. Without the three northern regions, the development goal of wind power cannot be achieved. The construction of a transmission line from the three north regions to the Sanhua region is the only way for the development of wind power

UHVDC transmission project is a beautiful and long wait. Technically speaking, UHVDC transmission is no longer the bottleneck, but it should be implemented

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