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The wind power industry has ushered in "secondary innovation"

offshore semi-direct drive fans, high-efficiency permanent magnet fans, blades more than 60 meters, carbon fiber + glass fiber blades, concrete towers more than 100 meters... At the 2017 China (Jiangsu) wind power industry forum held not long ago, the bosses of many well-known domestic wind power equipment enterprises have "released" the latest products independently developed. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20 new products and technologies were introduced by more than 10 wind turbine manufacturers and key accessories participating in the conference. Such a large number of innovative achievements appeared in a forum that was not an exhibition, which was rare in the wind power industry

more than ten years ago, at the beginning of the wind power market, domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises had a centralized technological innovation. Since then, with the launch of large-scale wind farms in the West and North China, large-scale production capacity has become the largest demand, and innovation tends to be silent. Insiders told that the "secondary innovation" in the field of domestic wind power equipment had begun a few years ago, and it had become more obvious since last year. Experts pointed out that the most important factor to stimulate innovation to become active again is the transformation of current market demand - from the mainland to the Middle East, from areas rich in wind resources to ordinary areas, from sparsely populated large areas of flat land to densely populated hills and mountains

although the West and North China have strong wind power, most of which are wind farms with the best power generation conditions, their economies are underdeveloped and their own power demand is limited; At present, it is difficult to transmit electricity to the economically developed areas in the East, resulting in the inability of wind farms to receive electricity, and the phenomenon of "wind abandonment" is becoming increasingly serious. Therefore, in recent years, 3 There is contact between the toothed bar pressing and the toothed bar. The central and eastern region with huge energy demand and complete electricity has become a new hot spot of wind power development favored by investors. In the Middle East, including the sea, there are mainly three types of wind farms. The wind force is relatively small, and the terrain is complex and changeable, which puts forward higher and more yuan requirements for wind turbine equipment

the manufacturing level of wind power equipment in our province ranks in the forefront of the country, and the wind power industry chain has achieved full coverage, with relatively outstanding technological innovation capabilities. According to the statistics of the new and renewable energy department of Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, by the end of 2016, the number of wind power equipment backbone enterprises in the province had reached 200, and the top five wind power machine manufacturers in the country had core manufacturing bases in our province, and many leading enterprises had mastered key technologies. Jiangyin vision energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a leader in the domestic fan manufacturing industry. In 2014, it began to consciously invest in the research and development of low wind speed fans. In the words of jiangguangzhu, the company's deputy director of products, there are great differences in wind power development resources across the Middle East, and the company consciously develops equipment that conforms to the characteristics of each region. Jiangsu and Anhui, central Shandong, Jiaodong and Northern Zhejiang are basically plains, with many cities and towns, small wind and dense population, which are suitable for the construction of higher towers; There are many hills in South China, which is more suitable for large blade fans; There are many typhoons along the coasts of southern Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong, and fans equipped with pitch locks and standby power supplies are more needed; There are many high-altitude and complex mountains in the southwest, so segmented towers are more needed to facilitate transportation and installation. Vision has independently or led the research and development of many of the above-mentioned new products, and its wind power technology innovation institutions located in Denmark, Germany and the United States have provided strong support. Nanjing high precision transmission, an old brand enterprise in the domestic wind power equipment industry, has specially developed two new products. The first is the "medium speed semi direct drive fan" for offshore wind power; The second is for blades above 60 meters in low wind speed wind farms. Large blade has large sweeping area and high power generation efficiency. However, due to the small order volume of offshore wind turbines, no large enterprise is willing to provide blades. The company launched a set of 3D printing molds for blades, and looked for 3D printing manufacturers near the wind farm when necessary. Nantong Zhongtian Technology submarine cable Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the global submarine cable industry. In response to the increasing demand for offshore and large-scale offshore wind power transmission, the independently developed ± 160 to ± 525 control punch increased by 1000 at an even rate The internal wet volt series high-voltage DC submarine cable products, with internationally leading technology, have been successively applied to offshore wind farms such as Rudong and Xiangshui. Among them, ± 200 kV optical fiber composite DC submarine cable has two records of the longest distance and the largest section in China. Due to improper use of oil

both famous domestic wind turbine enterprises, Xiangdian wind energy has not only launched high-efficiency permanent magnet fans, but also increased the power generation efficiency by 2%; According to the characteristics of strong offshore wind and high transportation and installation costs, the 6 MW offshore wind turbine with the largest single unit power in China has been developed to improve efficiency and gain, and will be tested in the sea soon; In view of the variable wind direction of the wind field in southern mountainous areas, an intelligent yaw fan is developed. Mingyang smart energy has developed offshore semi direct drive fans. The traditional doubly fed wind turbine generator is heavy in weight, difficult in marine transportation, installation and maintenance, and high in cost. After changing to semi direct drive, the weight is greatly reduced, but the cost is lower than that of direct drive motor and slightly higher than that of doubly fed generator

manufacturers of complete machines and key equipment actively seek change, which also drives the technology introduction and innovation of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises. Guojin Xinneng has developed a concrete tower with a height of more than 100 meters on the basis of introduction. Dongrun Huanneng has developed the most advanced wind resource evaluation system in China, "acoustic radar + Beidou transmission + cloud data center". The system has been deployed in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan and Yunnan provinces in the south, providing a large amount of more accurate information for the investigation and prediction of wind farm resources

international famous wind power equipment enterprises are also introducing the latest overseas technology into China and improving it according to actual needs. Denmark elm group is a global wind power blade manufacturing giant. Its Chinese investment company has begun to develop large blades mixed with carbon fiber and glass fiber to meet the needs of China's offshore wind power development - while increasing the strength and flexibility of the blades and reducing the weight, it can properly control the cost

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