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Opening of Fenghe Developer Conference Yanxiang new product exposure across the year

on November 1, 2010, the annual wind river China regional developer conference was grandly opened in Shanghai, and will be held in five cities: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu. As the silver sponsor of the annual Developer Conference of Fenghe company, Yanxiang High Tech Holding Group, a leading enterprise in the use of special computer industry and computer technology in control, measurement and data analysis, sent representatives to attend the event and made an important report at the meeting

Ms. Zhang Zan of Yanxiang group issued an important report on the creativity of improving the reliability of special computer systems

the annual developer regional conference held by wind river every year has become an important annual summit of the embedded software industry. This summit focuses on the sharing and analysis of practical successful cases, and cooperates with the on-site technical scheme demonstration. In addition to the wonderful speeches in the venue, the same wonderful technology demonstrations were also prepared outside the venue, providing an important exchange opportunity for all technicians engaged in embedded development industry. In response to the theme of the summit, the industry-leading Yanxiang High Tech Holding Group made an important report at the summit. At the same time, it also exhibited the upcoming new epi-1811v2nar in the conference area of five major cities, mainly for medium and high-end applications such as information communication, finance, video surveillance and so on

epi-1811v2nar is designed with Intel 945GC + ich7r + w83727dhg chipset. It is a full-length card that supports 533/800mhz external frequency P4 level processor of lga755 architecture, and can support Pentium 4 of LGA 775 533/800mhz FSB architecture and 90 nm celeron-d and pentium-d processors. Two DIMM memory slots are provided, which can support the dual channel ddr400/533/667 memory expanded to 2G at most. It has high compatibility, and the motherboard is compatible with Yanxiang EPI interface standard

865gv integrates a graphics processing chip with a core frequency of 266MHz, provides an integrated VGA interface, and supports high-speed 2D and 3D graphics processing. Through Intel ICH5 South Bridge, two channels of ata100 and two channels of SATA disk interface can be integrated; A standard AC 97 sound chip; Three USB controllers and six USB2.0 interfaces; On the board, a 10m/100mbps Ethernet port. One parallel port, one mini ps/2 with corrosion-resistant keyboard and mouse interface and one keyboard expansion interface are extended through superl/0; 2 serial ports, watchdog and hardware monitoring; PCI and isa devices are extended through Evonik EPI interface standard to ensure the stability and reliability of the system

Yanxiang product attracted wide attention of the participants, especially its ability to resist C in a wide temperature range of 0.60 ℃ and 5% 95% (non condensing state). If the machine is not used for a long time after the experiment, Gan Weili said that the advanced performance of normal operation under the state of disturbance and high temperature resistance is a highlight of many product displays at this Fenghe developer conference

in recent years, Yanxiang has been at the forefront of the industry with its strong technical strength. It is believed that in the future development of the industry, as the mainstream enterprise of the industry, Yanxiang will continue to promote the development of the industry and contribute more new scientific and technological products to the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the embedded industry

the guests listened patiently to the product explanations of Yanxiang technicians

and delivered an important report at the meeting

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