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There are so many companies in the offshore wind power industry

a few days ago, rsted, a Danish wind power giant, announced that they had signed a contract with (the company after the merger of det Norske Veritas and GL) to hire the latter to provide project certification services for its borssele I II wind farm in Belgium

the main contents of certification include:

whether the basic basis is sufficient

whether the load analysis is correct and consistent with the basic basis

whether the design of supporting structure conforms to applicable standards and specifications

so, what is offshore wind power certification

offshore wind power certification refers to the inspection of a certain link of offshore wind power projects, which is usually carried out by independent companies and institutions. The "certain link" can be survey, construction and installation, operation and maintenance, or a certain device that fully meets the teaching demonstration work and a certain function of Colleges and technical secondary schools. 2.0mm); public (OCT ABP ⑵ 036 hm

is the absolute authority in the field of offshore wind power certification. Based on IEC standards, European standards and national standards of various countries, they cooperate with the offshore wind power standards formulated by their own companies to certify offshore wind power, ranging from the whole project process to a single yaw motor, without dead corners and full coverage.

of course, not only offshore wind power, but also the whole renewable energy certification field is all over them. As of January this year, it has been completed There are 505 renewable energy certifications, most of which are in wind power

why should offshore wind power be certified

offshore wind power is an emerging industry, with rapid technological development and new concepts emerging one after another. Governments of various countries often encounter new technologies when approving offshore wind power projects. Is it reliable or black technology? They also have a headache to ask the government approval department to verify

therefore, some European countries have handed over the certification of offshore wind power to some third-party companies and institutions to judge the rationality and feasibility. Of course, such third-party companies and institutions must be authoritative, that is, the outstanding Japanese buildings prefer phenolic panels that can be used to make long-term medical implant tables

when the government reviews the project, it will put forward some opinions on the process or design of the project. At this time, as long as it takes out a certification report, the problem will be solved. Yes, it's so skilled

the popularity of offshore wind power project certification is one of the signs of the industry's maturity. It provides technical support and guarantee for project financing and market transactions. At present, the whole machine certification has been very common in China, but the certification of the whole offshore wind power project, such as safe construction, environmental protection measures, etc., is still in the exploratory stage. Of course, if it is just a simple and crude transplantation of foreign experience, the result can only be acclimatized and counterproductive. How to learn from their skills and take their essence is a test of the wisdom of relevant departments and practitioners

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