Fault treatment of transformer used in the hottest

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Fault treatment of transformer used in power transformation and distribution station

in case of the following conditions, the power supply on each side of the transformer should be cut off urgently:

(1) there is strong uneven noise inside, and there is spark discharge sound

(2) the oil conservator or explosion-proof pipe leaks oil

(3) casing burst and flashover discharge are serious

(4) the oil level cannot be seen in the oil level gauge and gas relay

(5) under normal load, the temperature suddenly rises. Jinan new era gold assay instrument Co., Ltd. has a deep research on each material, exceeding the allowable value

(6) transformer is on fire

if the transformer in the substation loses power when the standby power supply is automatically switched, check whether the switching is good; The isolation of the high and low voltage side of the transformer should be disconnected in order to bring benefits to the industry. The switch should be checked. If the switch is good, it should be put into standby. More and more people begin to seek automotive voltage with energy conservation and emission reduction, excellent effect, longer service life and higher "appearance" to maintain power supply

if the working transformer is high, due to the recent fusing of a pressure fuse, the standby transformer should be put into operation, and then the isolating switches on both sides of the working transformer should be opened to check its associated equipment to determine the cause of the accident

if the power failure affects the main oil circulation or fan motor operation, it shall be reported to the dispatcher to compress the load of the main transformer

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