The hottest wind power is ready to go to sea

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Wind power is ready to go to sea.

domestic wind turbine manufacturers are ready to go to sea

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, export wind turbines will account for 50% of the company's total sales. The person in charge of a leading domestic fan manufacturing enterprise mentioned that the samples developed in the overseas market can be made into long strips of 15mm or 25mm wide. It was hard to hide his impulse when he mentioned the goal. There are not many enterprises with such ambitions. It is understood that several leading domestic enterprises Sinovel wind power, Goldwind technology, Guodian united power, etc. have begun to sharpen their fists

overseas market becomes a lifesaver

it has become an inevitable trend for domestic fan enterprises to go abroad. Shi Pengfei, vice chairman of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, told China Business Daily that the current manufacturing capacity of China's wind turbines has been able to meet the needs of the domestic market. Seeking the expansion of overseas markets not only finds exports for the current strong production capacity, but also hopes to become a new and sustainable profit growth point

it is an indisputable fact that the domestic wind power market is more and more, and the capacity saturation is higher. Driven by the 100% annual growth rate of domestic wind power installation in recent years, the manufacturing of wind turbine equipment has also developed at a high speed, forming more than 80 complete machine enterprises with an annual production capacity of nearly 40million kW; In the next 10 years, the construction speed of wind farms in China may be maintained at an annual installed capacity of 15-20 million KW

the good times are no longer good, and the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic wind power market also makes enterprises worried. It is understood that at present, the domestic fan price has fallen from more than 5000 yuan/kW to less than 4000 yuan/kW, and the decline in gross profit margin has become a huge potential risk

in contrast, foreign markets may be the lifesaving straw for wind power enterprises. It is understood that the sales unit price of the same fan in foreign countries is generally higher than that in China, and the price difference per kW is 500~800 yuan; The gross profit margin of the same products sold abroad is significantly higher than that at home

at the same time, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) predicts that throughout the global wind power market, the global wind power generation will reach more than 400 GW from 2010 to 2014, of which the Chinese and European markets will continue to drive growth, and other countries are also committed to increasing their wind power generation. A research report of Donghai Securities pointed out that according to the fact that China's exports increased by 8.8 times in 2010, and the orders in 2011 increased by 6.3 times compared with the exports in 2010, which further confirmed the optimistic prospect of China's export of wind power generation equipment

while stabilizing the domestic market, foreign markets, especially the Americas and Europe, will be the key markets for enterprises to further develop. It is understood that the international layout of some domestic leading enterprises has taken shape. According to the person in charge of a domestic wind turbine manufacturing enterprise, in order to fully explore the international market, the company is planning to set up companies in North America, Australia, Europe and South America, which are rich in wind energy resources. At the same time, it is also considering setting up production bases in Europe and the United States to expand local market share. The wishful thinking of the enterprise is that the European base of the European offshore wind power market mainly produces offshore wind turbines, and the U.S. base is mainly aimed at the North American land wind farm market

certification may become a talisman

although it looks beautiful, it is not easy for domestic wind turbine manufacturers to occupy a place in the overseas market

George Frampton, senior consultant of Covington bailing law office in New York and a member of the climate industry team, said frankly that the biggest obstacle for Chinese wind power enterprises will be to prove the reliability and maintenance commitment of equipment, so that Chinese wind power equipment can compete with wind turbine equipment such as general motors, Vestas and Siemens in the market

the wind conditions in overseas markets are different from those in China, and the requirements for fans are also different. In Pengfei's view, this is the biggest test for domestic wind turbine manufacturers after the opening and operation of several high-speed railways. At present, what we need to do is to improve the quality and meet the local wind conditions and needs. Quality control ability is the key to stand on the international market. He said

for domestic wind turbine enterprises who are newcomers, obtaining the certification of wind turbine products from relevant foreign institutions may be a talisman to the overseas market

Ge chundui, senior project manager of Sinovel wind power, said that in Europe and North America, obtaining relevant international certification is crucial for domestic wind turbine and component manufacturers to gain the trust of foreign buyers and investors. It is reported that the 3 MW wind turbine independently developed by Sinovel wind power has passed the design certification of Germanischer Lloyd's register (GL) and will be tested and certified in the near future. It is the highlight of product sales to obtain the certification of the operation status of the complete fan from relevant institutions, and it is easier to obtain recognition in local sales. He said

hedexin, President of China Wind Energy Association, reminded that not all enterprises can get a share of the first innovative instrument in the international market. Overseas markets have very strict requirements for fan performance, sales channels, services, certification, etc., so at present, some domestic leading enterprises have more advantages. He said

in Ge Chun's view, domestic fan enterprises will inevitably face international customers' doubts about the quality and technology of domestic fan products in the international market. It is very necessary to establish branches to approach international customers and let customers know the technology and quality level of domestic fans

the overseas journey of domestic fan enterprises has just begun

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