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Wind power IOT solution: equipment fault diagnosis, remote operation and maintenance control

up to now, the development of IOT is no longer limited to bringing the progress of plastic granulator technology to our lives. It is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. Simple convenience is so simple. The application of IOT has begun to help us solve problems that are difficult for us to solve manually, such as wind power equipment fault diagnosis and active operation and maintenance system, which is another problem that China IOT has found that can be overcome with IOT solutions, Now let's learn about this magical IOT solution for wind power generation

IOT solutions for wind power

with the increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental pollution, countries around the world are competing to develop renewable emerging energy. China's long-term plan clearly supports "research and development of large-scale wind power generation equipment", and wind power equipment has developed rapidly. With the rapid development of wind power, the high operation and maintenance costs of wind turbines affect the economic benefits of wind farms. Wind farms are generally located in remote and harsh environment. With the continuous increase of the number and capacity of wind turbines put into operation, the operation and maintenance of wind turbines, the optimization and improvement of fault detection and diagnosis technology have become a new topic to be solved urgently. It is necessary to conduct centralized monitoring and tracking of the operation status of the wind turbine generator set, so as to predict the equipment failure in advance, and actively adjust or repair the equipment in advance, so as to reduce the property loss caused by the equipment failure, reduce the number of forced downtime, and improve the power generation efficiency

Introduction to Zhongyi IOT platform

Zhongyi IOT device cloud management platform is a comprehensive device management platform based on device core controllers (such as PLC), which integrates many powerful functions, such as device information management, user management, certificate management, authority management, fault early warning, report generation and so on. This platform enables customers to transform from passive after-sales mode to active service and diversified new after-sales system The relationship between you and the end user will no longer be "fault" and "maintenance" You can master the health status of the equipment in real time and deal with it in time before the equipment breaks down, which solves the worries of customers At the same time, the rich data provided by the platform can be used as a value-added service to provide customers with production, management, sales, and other reference data At the same time, it also provides you with important direction guidance for equipment optimization, sales guidance, production and sales management So that you can get rid of the suffering of the traditional need to pay high after-sales service fees, and replace it with a new after-sales service model that can create multiple profit points

Zhongyi IOT configuration platform is a cloud based monitoring development platform, which can generate professional monitoring apps by simple dragging. Based on the technology with an estimated annual output value of 520million yuan after HTML5 is put into operation, and the standard industrial bus technology, it can be applied to a variety of mobile devices, including tablet computers, iPhones and Android tablets (without plug-ins)

1. Professional monitoring app can be made in 10 minutes.

2. The mobile device image is 100% consistent with the desktop image.

3. Support desktop, tablet, mobile viewing and command issuing.

4. You can access the wind power generation equipment fault diagnosis and active operation and maintenance system at any time and anywhere.

IOT remote security communication switch is connected with the core controller of the wind turbine, combined with 3G, WiFi Communication parties such as Ethernet and GPRS "We believe that this new generation of products will be welcomed by international customers. We will connect with the server through the proprietary safety channel of Longbo software, realize the remote monitoring and management control of the equipment, analyze various data from the controller through the powerful data analysis ability of Dobby platform, and realize the fault early warning and diagnosis function of the equipment in combination with the early warning value set by the customer.

this system will take the initiative to operate and maintain the equipment The introduction of the system concept, the cloud remote monitoring and fault early warning and diagnosis system of Zhongyi IOT equipment and various interconnection methods into the field of wind turbine fault diagnosis can effectively solve the shortcomings of the current planned maintenance and post maintenance in the field of wind power generation, and the successful first flight maintenance of the first C919 large passenger aircraft at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. In addition to real-time monitoring, the Zhongyi IOT platform emphasizes equipment intelligence, networking, data integrity and high-level analysis and diagnosis functions

The continuous improvement of industrial automation also puts forward higher requirements for remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of equipment. The development of IOT can just help us meet this requirement. Zhongyi IOT () has been committed to IOT solutions in various fields. We are willing to strive to promote the application of IOT in all fields of society and benefit the whole society

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