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The wind power industry policy needs to be improved

the wind power industry has achieved rapid development in China, that is, in the past decade or so, in which the national energy industry policy has played an important role. However, the effectiveness of a policy depends on whether the policy can promote the steady development of relevant industries, rather than a surfing development trajectory

during the two sessions of the National People's Congress, Zhao Ping, a deputy to the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the Sichuan Deyang Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China, and deputy chief engineer of the wind power division of Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd., put forward relevant suggestions on the current development of China's wind power industry. She pointed out that last year, we had a large number of wind power installations, which has caused certain difficulties for equipment manufacturing enterprises to reasonably organize production. Therefore, it is suggested that the relevant national departments can make the policy play a greater role from the perspective of stable development

Zhao Ping pointed out that although China's wind power industry has made great progress, there are still many areas in the industrial policy that need to be improved and modified

in order to promote the healthy development of wind power equipment manufacturing industry, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on relevant requirements for regulating the market order of wind power equipment in September last year, which regulates four aspects: strengthening monitoring and certification to ensure the quality of wind power equipment, standardizing the quality acceptance of wind power equipment, building a fair, just and open bidding and procurement market, and strengthening the information disclosure and supervision of wind power market, These have played an important role in regulating the rapidly developing wind power industry

but the first one is to strengthen monitoring and certification to ensure the quality of wind power equipment. It is required to implement wind power equipment type certification. From the date of the spontaneous document, all relevant units should carefully make preparations for type approval, 20 significantly improve the effectiveness of the test, and implement it from July 1, 2015, which provides a 9-month buffer period from the date of release to the implementation of the regulations

in this regard, Zhao Ping believes that this provision is reasonable at first sight, but from the recent implementation, its existing problems have restricted the development of the industry. She pointed out that the newly developed units could not obtain the type approval certificate according to the requirements of gb/z wind turbine generator set certification rules and procedures

according to the introduction, because the development cost of important components of wind turbines is very high and the replacement is very fast, it is impossible to advance a lot of time without clearly obtaining the market prospect. For example, the blades need to undergo type certification and must undergo fatigue test, and the domestic test-bed that can complete fatigue test is also very limited; Moreover, now the blades are getting longer and longer, and the fatigue test needs at least more than 3 months, including blade design and development. If a new product finally obtains the type approval certificate, it must be one year to one and a half years in advance. However, the wind power market is unpredictable, and the developed products may be eliminated immediately. Studying in advance is a great waste to manufacturing

in addition, type approval requires the unit to carry out load test and power characteristic test, and it takes a long time to obtain load test and power characteristic test. Before the test, for the units distributed in mountainous terrain that do not meet the standard, the wind speed calibration is required before the load test can be carried out. According to the standard, when calibrating the wind speed, it is necessary to install an anemometer tower in the wind field to obtain the details. This technology can only be carried out by using ultraviolet light (UV) to convert the liquid polymer resin into the wind data of an independent solid structure in an accurate and controllable way, and it takes nearly 8 months to carry out the load test again, sometimes it may take 15 months. In addition, it is impossible to obtain these data before obtaining the project

Zhao Ping suggested that the relevant departments should stipulate that the type certification certificate provided before bidding should be changed to the design certification certificate provided before unit operation, and the type certification should be provided within two years (which can also be agreed by both parties); The type approval of units should not be compulsorily agreed, but determined by the market. Refer to the practices of some countries in the world, because articles 2 to 4 of the notice are further agreements on quality, and it is not necessary to only agree on the first article, which restricts the development of the industry

the wind power market is gradually warming up, but the remaining problems of the industry are still prominent, and there are no practical measures to solve the problem of loan arrears

Zhao Ping pointed out that the healthy development of the wind power industry requires equipment suppliers to have sufficient funds to ensure the improvement and improvement of equipment quality and promote the sustainable and healthy development of wind power equipment manufacturing industry. Now, there is a widespread phenomenon of serious loan arrears in the wind power industry market

first, a large number of equipment payment arrears are serious. At present, the wind power industry generally adopts the payment methods of 1, 4, 4 and 1, that is, 10% of the contract is signed, 40% of the production start-up payment, 40% of the equipment is delivered, and 10% of the quality deposit (the early contract is the pre inspection payment). Because the wind power contract takes effect and the delivery period is very short, most of the owners need to advance funds from the equipment manufacturers after paying 10%, causing great financial pressure to the equipment manufacturers. In order to survive, the equipment suppliers have to raise funds by themselves for contract execution

second, after receiving the goods, the owner defaulted on the payment for goods for various reasons. The most important reason is that the two parties failed to reach an agreement on the quality assurance of the equipment. The owner not only defaulted on the quality assurance deposit, but also occupied a large amount of the payment for goods. A complete machine equipment supplier's nearly 1billion yuan of equipment funds could not be recovered, which virtually increased interest, while the equipment supplier defaulted on the payment for parts suppliers of hundreds of millions of yuan, resulting in the service of complete machines and parts not in place, The problem has reached the point of having to be solved. Some payment arrears last for up to five years, causing huge financial burden to equipment suppliers

the third is about whether the equipment meets the contract and the quality assurance deposit. Both parties have agreed on the amount of fines in the contract, which cannot be confused with the equipment payment. If there are problems in the operation of the equipment, the equipment supplier has taken the corresponding quality assurance deposit as collateral, and the owner obviously does not conform to commercial behavior on the grounds that the equipment does not meet the requirements specified in the contract. In this way, only legal means can be taken, which will have a negative impact on the energy, economy and reputation of both parties

at present, most of the owners in arrears are large power companies under the SASAC. Zhao Ping hopes that for the equipment suppliers and owners under the SASAC, the SASAC will coordinate the enterprises under its jurisdiction to fulfill their legal obligations of payment as soon as possible and purify the market integrity of state-owned enterprises. In addition, it is also suggested that the central government take the payment in arrears as an important part of the inspection of state-owned enterprises, because some enterprises do not perform their duties according to the contract, which has involved the life and death of downstream enterprises. (Yang Mingwen/Figure)

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