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Recently, the European Wind Energy Association released the European wind power development report for the first half of 2012. In the first half of the year, 8 new power stations were built, with a new installed capacity of 523.2 MW, an increase of 175 MW year-on-year, an increase of 50%. Another 160 wind turbines have been installed, but they have not yet merged with our advanced technology, which is worthy of our customers' attention. After that, we can add another 647.4 MW of installed capacity. As of June 30, a total of 56 wind power stations have been built and combined in Europe, distributed in 10 countries, with a total installed capacity of 4336 MW. With the rapid development of European wind power market, wind power equipment manufacturers welcome the opportunity

at present, offshore wind farms are mainly developed in Denmark, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Germany and other countries in Europe. By the end of 2009, 834 wind turbines with a total of 2.11 million KW had been put into operation in offshore wind farms, accounting for about 1.3% of the world's cumulative wind power installed capacity In 2009, 9 offshore wind farms were added, with an additional offshore installed capacity of 689000 kW, and 224 offshore wind turbines. The minimum unit power was 2MW and the maximum installed power was 5MW. Among them, three new offshore wind farms (306000 kW in Britain, 207000 kW in Denmark and 60000 kW in Germany) have been built.

in some countries dominated by southern Europe, the uncertainty of policies has led to continuous market fluctuations. It is expected that this situation is temporary, and the wind power market will grow significantly in the medium and long term, including the normalization of onshore wind power industry in Eastern Europe in the medium term; Asian markets and other emerging markets after the legislation is clarified (India, Brazil, etc.); Good prospects for the U.S. market; And the offshore wind power market that is expected to start in 2013. Changes in demand in fast-growing markets such as China, India and the north and south United States will require some global producers to strengthen their efforts in planning capital expenditure and global business management

the conditions of offshore wind resources are better than those on land, the sites suitable for installing wind turbines on land are limited, and the installation of wind turbines on land will affect the landscape, and the noise generated may affect the surrounding residents. The development of wind farms from land to offshore has become a new trend in Europe. Some people plan the development of wind power as three steps: onshore wind power technology (current technology), offshore wind power technology (under research and development technology) and offshore wind power technology (future development direction)

worldwide, the expansion of wind power is advancing with great strides. So far, 20% of wind power facilities have been added every year. The world wind energy association predicts that by 2020, the total installed capacity of global wind power will exceed 1billion kW

increase investment in China's wind power market

Siemens, an offshore wind turbine manufacturer, will increase investment in China's wind power market to compete with rising local manufacturers. The company believes that it has underestimated the growth rate of China's wind energy market

it is reported that felixferlemann, CEO of Siemens' wind power division, said: we have made large-scale investment in R & D and the use of economies of scale in production. We are somewhat surprised by the strong growth in the Chinese market

last year, China led the world in the installed capacity of wind power. Siemens, which still lags behind its competitor Vestas in this market, is trying to catch up. CEO peterloescher's strategy of focusing more on green technology has weakened the profitability of Siemens' renewable energy division

ferlemann said that Siemens will still adhere to its goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the wind power industry. It doesn't matter whether it takes two or five years. Siemens set a goal in 2009 to become one of the top three global wind power enterprises in terms of installed capacity in 2012

seize the African wind power market

a few days ago, it was reported that German Siemens actively developed the renewable energy market in Africa and successfully received orders for wind power equipment from Morocco. It will provide 44 sets of wind power equipment for two wind power parks in Morocco, with a total installed capacity of 100 MW. It will be built and generated power in northern and southeastern Morocco in 2013. Siemens did not disclose the value of the order. The Moroccan buyer was nareva holdings, a subsidiary of ona group controlled by the Moroccan royal family

wind power equipment and solar energy technology are important components of Siemens' environmental protection technology business. In 2010/11 business year, Siemens achieved a total turnover of about 30billion euros due to this business segment. Affected by the decline in product prices and project delays, Siemens lost 48million euros in this business segment

clamping unit can regulate African countries. In addition to developing wind energy industry, Morocco also focuses on developing solar energy technology. It will build a solar thermal power plant with an installed capacity of 500 MW, which is financed by KfW. According to the German Federal Ministry of environmental protection, the proportion of renewable energy in Morocco's energy supply will rise to 28% by 2020

work together with Shanghai Electric to produce wind turbines

in July this year, Shanghai Electric and Siemens held the opening ceremony of the wind energy joint venture, announcing that the two joint ventures Siemens wind power equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Wind Energy Co., Ltd. were officially established. It marks the official start of cooperation between Shanghai Electric and Siemens in the field of wind power. According to the joint venture agreement, Siemens wind power equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will develop and produce wind turbines for the Chinese market and Siemens' global supply network; Shanghai Electric Wind Energy Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the sales, project management, project implementation and related business development and services of wind power equipment in China. Siemens is a leading enterprise in the field of electronic and electrical engineering in the world, and also a leader in the field of offshore wind power in the world. It has accumulated extremely rich and valuable experience in wind turbine technology, enterprise management, market management and technical management

as the world's leader in offshore wind power, Siemens established a wind turbine blade manufacturing base in Shanghai in 2010 and won China's first offshore wind power order in 2011. In October of the same year, the Asia Pacific headquarters of Siemens wind power group settled in Shanghai. In this cooperation, Siemens will bring advanced wind turbine technology, international project management and operation experience in the field of offshore wind power

Shanghai Electric has always been committed to the development of new energy, and is a leading offshore wind power enterprise in China. After six years of efforts, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has become the first enterprise in China to have the performance of onshore, intertidal and offshore wind turbines at the same time. It has won the first round of national offshore wind power concession bidding and the equipment bidding for the phase II (expansion) project of Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm. Shanghai Electric brings its local strength into the joint venture. This strategic cooperation will strengthen the strength of both sides in the field of offshore wind power and boost the development of China's offshore wind power industry

with the help of Canadian wind energy company, windstream chose Siemens to jointly build the wolf Island shoal offshore wind power project. Siemens will supply 130 typhoon turbines to windstream's 300MW offshore wind power project in Ontario. Windstream holds the only offshore wind power subsidy tariff plan contract in Ontario, which was awarded by the provincial electricity authority in May 2010. The wind power project is located in Eastern Ontario, and the wind turbine blades will be manufactured by Siemens Factory

through cooperation with Siemens, wind stream promises that the wolf Island shoal project will be able to meet more than 50% of Ontario's power demand. The project will create 1900 jobs during the development period and 175 jobs after completion. Ianbarines, President of windstream, said: we are very happy to sign a contract with Siemens for the supply of wind turbines. Siemens is the world's leading supplier of offshore wind turbines, with an installed capacity of more than 2000MW of offshore wind power worldwide. We hope to use Siemens' experience to promote Canada's first offshore wind power project

billsmith, senior vice president of Siemens (Canada), said: we are very happy to cooperate with windstream and look forward to contributing to Canada's first offshore wind power project

Siemens predicts that the company's wind power sales will increase by 30% in this fiscal year, and the marginal profit will increase to double digits

Nauen, who is in charge of Siemens' wind power industry, said that they hope the company will enter the top three in the world by 2011. Siemens has not separated its wind power industry. Last month, the company said it had received more than 1.1 billion euros of wind turbine orders in North America. Nauen said that the annual growth rate of wind power sales and orders was more than 50%. In the last fiscal year, the business profit margin was greater than 9%

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