Analysis of the hottest chemical market this week

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This week's chemical market analysis and next week's forecast

1. International market:

a, toluene, xylene, pure benzene Market: 1. Pure benzene: with the further rise of energy prices, the Asian market of pure benzene this week showed a bull market atmosphere. In the first half of the week, the price of pure benzene rose by $15 to $830/ton (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 8232/ton), which was the highest level in 2006. In the second half of the week, due to the decline in oil prices, it fell by $20/ton to $810/ton (FOB South Korea, equivalent to RMB 8181/ton). 2. Toluene: affected by the lower oil price and the softening downstream demand, the spot price of toluene in Asia fell by $30 to $820/ton this week (FOB South Korea, equivalent to RMB 8282/ton). 3. Solvent xylene: in the context of high oil prices, the solvent xylene market was affected by tight supply and strong prices of other aromatic products. The price of solvent xylene rose by $30/ton to $830/ton this week (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 8383/ton). B. If there is any damage, it should be replaced in time; Secondly, check whether styrene is tightened at the joint of the oil system: supported by the record high energy price and the rising price of raw material benzene, the price of styrene monomer in Asia maintained an upward trend, rising by $20/ton to $1070/ton (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 10711/ton). C. Ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol: 1. Ethylene glycol: MEG spot fell by $10/ton to $815/ton this week (CFR China's main port, equivalent to rmb8232/ton) due to the increase in deep-sea cargo, the start-up of new devices in Saudi Arabia and the slowdown in purchasing action. 2. Diethylene glycol: driven by the higher prices of styrene and pure benzene, the spot price of diethylene glycol this week stood firm at $660/ton (CFR China main port, equivalent to RMB 6666/ton)

one week trend chart of international liquid chemical industry market

2. Domestic market

(1) one week market analysis: A. pure benzene, toluene, xylene: driven by the reduction of resource supply and the frequent price hikes of petrochemical enterprises, the toluene and xylene markets in South China and East China were stable at the beginning and middle of this week, which were British ICI (acquired by AkzoNobel), American DuPont, American Solvay, German BASF and Hoechst, respectively, Among them, xylene in South China increased by 350 yuan/ton due to lack of resources; Toluene increased by 100 yuan/ton; Toluene and xylene in East China rose by 300 yuan/ton, and the market prices were 8800 East China -9400 South China (xylene); 8750 East China -8600 South China (toluene). In the late stage, with the decline of oil prices and the deepening of the decline in the external market, toluene and xylene in East and South China both fell by yuan/ton, and the transaction was blocked; The market price of pure benzene rebounded by 250 yuan/ton due to the recovery of downstream demand and the sharp rise of the external market, at (yuan/ton, pure benzene). Styrene: driven by the strong demand for downstream PS and the floating price of the outer disk, at the same time, most traders and downstream manufacturers receive goods enthusiastically, especially the strong atmosphere of reluctant selling among traders, as well as the low inventory and rising price of petrochemical enterprises, the market situation in South China and East China continued to heat up this week. Among them, the market in East China stabilized due to the increase of resources and the high resistance of traders and downstream manufacturers, South China rose 100 yuan/ton due to less resources and increased demand. As of the weekend, the market prices in South China and East China were: yuan/ton (East China) and Yuan ton (South China). C. Ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol: affected by the impact of cheap ocean supply and the weakening downstream demand, the ethylene glycol market in East and South China turned cold this week, and the price fell slightly by yuan/ton. In (East China) and yuan/ton (South China), transactions were light and active. This week, the market price of diethylene glycol in East China fell by 50 yuan/ton due to the weakness of downstream demand and the rapid rise in price, which caused the resistance of downstream manufacturers and traders; The market price in South China remained stable temporarily at RMB/ton due to the lack of resources

market transaction price of liquid chemical products in some regions of China in a week (unit: yuan/ton, canning price)



ethylene glycol

diethylene glycol



pure benzene

South China

East China

trend chart of transaction price of liquid chemical products in some domestic regions (unit: yuan/ton)

(2). Market forecast for next week: 1. 1 The viscosity of oil is too low (there is continuous oil outflow from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve when loading) toluene, xylene and pure benzene markets: driven by the continuous high oil price and outer disk price and the further reduction of resource supply, a new round of price rise upsurge was ignited in the markets of East and South China in the early and medium term, especially the strong rise in xylene price. In the late stage, with the increase of crude oil Then readjust the position of the knob, the price of the outer disk gradually fell and the imported resources gradually arrived. At that time, the once tense situation of resources will be effectively controlled. At the same time, downstream manufacturers and traders have high resistance and the May Day holiday is coming. Traders have the habit of clearing goods for the holiday, while downstream manufacturers have the tendency to prepare materials after the holiday, mainly by waiting or purchasing on demand. Therefore, next week, toluene and xylene will oscillate weakly and consolidate mainly; Pure benzene stabilized in the future due to the rise in the external market and the gradual recovery of downstream demand. 2. Styrene Market: supported by high oil prices, high external prices and strong downstream PS demand, especially the positive receiving of downstream manufacturers and the weakening willingness of traders to ship, the styrene markets in East and South China continued to operate on the rising channel this week. As the price rose to a certain extent, downstream manufacturers and traders were unable to bear it. Therefore, the short-term market is stable at this price; 3. Ethylene glycol Market: Recently, the market price of ethylene glycol has been resisted by downstream manufacturers and traders due to lower external market, weaker downstream demand, and too fast price rise, mainly due to the softening of downstream demand and the impact of cheap imported resources. Consider the impact of high oil prices and the May Day holiday. Therefore, in the short term, the market is still volatile consolidation; 4. Diethylene glycol Market: diethylene glycol is stable supported by the rising Styrene Market and stable demand. Therefore, the overall trend is still stable

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