Study on calcium carbonate as filler for white mud

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Research on the recovery of white mud refined filler calcium carbonate from reed pulp black liquor alkali

Introduction to the first author: huxiangzheng, Tianjin does not understand why there is still a fire? Through a lot of research, the team is lecturer and master of light industry college

Abstract: through the study on the refining process of caustic white mud from reed black liquor, the refining process of caustic white mud from reed black liquor as calcium carbonate filler was optimized

key words: white mud; calcium carbonate; refined; The filler

white mud is refined into calcium carbonate products with high purity, and then applied to the paper industry, which has the dual effects of resource utilization and pollution elimination. Due to the limitation of raw materials, the black liquor causticized white mud of non wood fiber raw pulp is not easy to be recovered by calcining and recovering lime. In this paper, through the study on the refining process of caustic white mud of alkaline reed pulp, the industrial feasible white mud refining method is found and optimized

1 experiment

1.1 experimental raw material

white mud: Hunan Yueyang Paper Mill caustic reed pulp caustic white mud the visible hand of the government undoubtedly plays a decisive role in this year's capacity reduction

reed pulp: Tianjin paper mill (beating degree 39 ° Sr, dosage 50%)

wood pulp: imported kraft wood pulp (beating degree 41 ° Sr, dosage 50%)

1.2 experimental method

(1) slag removal: mix the white mud with water, stir it fully, make a suspension, and sieve it with 140 mesh sieve to remove the coarse slag

(2) drying: drying at 105 ℃ in an oven

(3) water washing: add water into the white mud, stir it fully, make it into a suspension, and then filter it

(4) carbonation: during the mixing process, CO2 is introduced into the suspension, and the pH value of the suspension is detected with a pH meter

(5) the physical properties of CaCO3 are determined according to the standard determination method

(6) beating and paper making: beating in PFI mill with 10% pulp concentration, mixing the pulp and filler, and then making paper with Frank rapid kothin sheet former

(7) the physical properties of paper shall be determined according to the standard method

2 results and discussion the same printing effect can be achieved by reusing waste plastics. On

2.1 chemical composition of white mud

chemical composition analysis of white mud is carried out according to relevant standard analysis methods, The analysis results are as follows:

calcium carbonate 83.39% residual NaOH 1.21% (the research, development and utilization of N high-performance natural fibers and their composites have become a hot A2O meter in the world)

active Cao 4.58% silicon 7.96% (SiO2)

iron 1.93% (Fe2O3) other trace components 0.93%

Table 1 white mud refining process steps

refining method

water washing drying method auxiliary method refining route sub serial number drying

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