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The recovery of excavator sales reveals positive signals

observing economic operation requires both a series of important macro indicators and many "visible and touchable" micro indicators. When the sample curve falls for the first time, it usually begins to yield. The sales volume change of the most representative excavator in the field of construction machinery is one of them. Recently, the statistical data released by the mining machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association showed that from January to February this year, a total of 30501 mining machinery products were sold by the host sales enterprises included in the statistics, with a year-on-year increase of 39.9%. Among them, 18745 mining machinery products were sold in a single month in February, with a year-on-year increase of 68.7%. Experts pointed out that as a highly cyclical product, the sales volume of excavators continued to rise, which was closely related to factors such as the equipment entering the renewal cycle, the continuous improvement of manufacturing level, and the steady increase in investment demand, which released a positive signal of macroeconomic strength in the future

the equipment has entered the renewal cycle

the recovery of excavator sales is not only in the first two months of this year. Relevant data show that from September 2017 to the end of 2018, the monthly sales volume of domestic excavators has exceeded 10000 for 15 consecutive months. From the perspective of the whole year of 2018, the sales volume of domestic excavators has exceeded the scale of the peak period in 2011, reaching a record high

analysts pointed out that although the overall month on month growth rate of excavator sales has slowed down since this year, since the Spring Festival this year was earlier than the same period last year, and the peak sales season started earlier than last year, the monthly sales volume in February was still at a high level, exceeding expectations. In the medium and long term, the rebound in the construction of infrastructure projects in many places across the country will drive the rise in total demand. According to the research of relevant institutions, the construction volume of infrastructure projects has gradually increased this spring, and China's stock of excavators has a high number of years, most of which are national second-class standard products. With the upgrading of engine standards in the industry and the tightening of environmental protection policies, the demand for equipment upgrading has also formed a base for new sales

In an interview with this newspaper, Yuan Yue, general manager of Sany Heavy machinery marketing company, said that from the perspective of operation sequence, the demand for excavators is generally released 6-8 months earlier than other construction machinery products. "At present, excavator sales continue to pick up, mainly due to three reasons: first, the steady rise in investment in infrastructure such as railways and highways across the country, providing sufficient demand space for construction machinery products such as excavators; second, domestic environmental protection standards continue to improve, and many customers begin to buy new machines to upgrade equipment; third, the renewal cycle of construction machinery equipment is usually 8 to 10 years, and the last round of demand peak is 2009 to 2011 At present, it has entered a new cycle of rising demand. " Yuan Yue said

According to the analysis of industrial securities, the construction machinery industry has entered a new upward cycle since the second half of 2016, stimulated by factors such as infrastructure demand, renewal demand and environmental protection upgrading; It is expected that the sales growth rate of excavators, cranes and concrete machinery in 2019 is expected to reach more than 20%, 50% and 50% respectively, and the high-profile atmosphere of the construction machinery industry is expected to continue

quality improvement made in China

it is worth noting that in the sales volume of excavators from January to February this year, 3073 excavators were exported, with a year-on-year increase of 21.8%, making a significant contribution

wangguiqing, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, said that on the one hand, after decades of development, China's construction machinery has formed a complete industrial chain, and a number of excellent enterprises with international influence and popularity have emerged; On the other hand, in recent years, China has vigorously promoted the construction of independent foreign trade brands, and continued to strengthen the overseas publicity of independent brands through the "China Construction machinery brand publicity series activities" of the Ministry of Commerce. Therefore, as a hub industry for the interconnection of infrastructure construction in the "the Belt and Road" initiative, the pace of "going global" of construction machinery products represented by excavators is accelerating, and the sales are heating up

facing the opportunity, many domestic construction machinery enterprises are actively preparing. In the crane production workshop of XCMG group, one worker can control 10 machines in the whole production process of 18 processes. The robot intelligent welding level has exceeded 75%, the production efficiency has increased by 150%, and the coverage of intelligent logistics processes has exceeded 60%. Zoomlion has built a "Zoomlion smart industry city", focusing on R & D and new product incubation in concrete machinery, pavement machinery, fire machinery, earth moving machinery, aerial work machinery, smart agricultural machinery and other fields, and creating an artificial intelligence research and Application Center

"compared with the previous cycle, the current round of sales of excavators and other construction machinery products has significantly increased the market share and benefit of domestic construction machinery enterprises. This is related to the solid supply side structural reform and continuous improvement of product quality and interest of domestic enterprises." Yuan Yue said that taking the excavator products produced by Sany Heavy Industry as an example, its material welding, operating performance, hydraulic system, heat treatment system, energy saving and consumption reduction, durability and other aspects have been significantly improved compared with the past. Among them, the safe use time of a single excavator has increased from more than 4000 hours in the past to 10000 to 15000 hours today, quickly catching up with the world's leading level

economic recovery is expected to increase

insiders generally believe that the recovery in excavator sales and the improvement in the benefits of domestic manufacturers more reflect the consolidation of macroeconomic stabilization and recovery

"Excavators are a wind vane of the construction machinery industry. The current rebound in excavator sales not only means that cranes, concrete mixers, road machinery and other categories of construction machinery products will gradually rebound in the future, but also releases a positive signal that the demand of the real economy is stable and good. For example, we found that with the increase of rural self-construction demand, the demand for small excavators in rural areas is also growing rapidly, more and more The Construction Party of is more willing to replace the traditional manual operation with small excavators to make up for the blank left by labor transfer. " Yuan Yue said

another noteworthy change is that from April 1, the value-added tax rate of China's manufacturing and other industries will be reduced from 16% to 13%. Transportation can be the future direction. The value-added tax rate of transportation and construction industries will be reduced from 10% to 9%. In the view of analysts, this will undoubtedly help boost domestic demand in various fields and promote the further recovery of the real economy

Zhou Minliang, a researcher at the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told this newspaper that although excavators are only a sub industry, they involve construction and railways, so we should do the following: 1 Energy saving and lightweight, roads, mines and many other major investment and consumption needs, is a unique window to observe macroeconomic trends. "From a domestic perspective, all parts of China are actively seeking the role of infrastructure construction in stabilizing growth and adjusting structure; from an international perspective, the relevant countries of the 'the Belt and Road' have adopted a one-way economic growth through hydraulic control and strengthened infrastructure interconnection, which also generated a large number of resource exploitation and construction needs." Zhou Minliang predicted that with the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction measures, the virtuous circle between supply and demand of the domestic real economy is expected to be further strengthened

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