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Positive prediction of carbon fiber Market

with the pace of the global economy, carbon fiber demand fell in 2009 and will continue to grow slowly until 2012. It is difficult to recover to the level of 30000 tons in 2008 before 2011. On the other hand, the demand level is expected to reach 60000 tons by 2015. (see Figure 1)

1 application field

the decline in demand in the aviation field is due to the reduction in the construction rate of commercial aircraft (mainly Airbus a320-a330/340), the inventory adjustment of all parties and the delay in production (Boeing B787). In Europe, as a huge consumer of carbon fiber, a40 multifluorocarbon takes the road of technology patenting, patent standardization and internationalization. The extension of 0m military aircraft is playing a key role. Nevertheless, the growth in the application of carbon fiber composites (the production time of more than 2mm thick plates is 1 minute, which is more than 60% of the aircraft weight) is still quite optimistic

the sports and leisure market is one of the earliest application fields of carbon fiber, but its growth is limited due to the lack of new major applications. China's demand continues to grow and is full of hope

it is said that by 2015, the "industrial" market will account for most of the carbon fiber demand, more than 65%. It has a wide range of applications and will continue to be used in the following sectors:

Energy: wind power, pressure vessels, nuclear power/centrifugal uranium enrichment, fuel cells/electrode gaseous diffusion zones, offshore petroleum industry/tendons, risers

transportation: Automobile (weight reduction, safety), ship (deck, hull, mast)

civil engineering and construction (earthquake resistant structures, bridges, light buildings)

industrial equipment: roller (printing machine), PC chassis, machine parts, medical equipment

2 geographical demand

geographically speaking, the demand in Europe is the largest and will continue, and it is predicted to reach 52% by 2015; In contrast, Asia accounts for 18%, the United States for 15%, and Japan for 15%. (see Figure 2)

the world economy seems to be recovering at the speed predicted by economists, and the carbon fiber market is obviously related to the world economy. However, the carbon fiber market will grow at a higher proportion, surpassing the prediction for 2015 and returning to an active state. By 2015, Europe alone will account for half of global carbon fiber consumption. The project has completed a total investment of 4.84 billion yuan, which may be caused by targeting high value-added composite materials

with the familiarity with the application of carbon fiber and its gradual promotion and application in the automotive industry and other departments, some new projects are attracting people's attention. One of them is the research of Imperial College London on the manufacture of automotive body parts, which can be used as batteries, because the sandwich material with carbon fiber skin can be used as capacitors

therefore, carbon fibers still have many potential applications

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