Possible problems in the most popular alcohol free

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Possible problems in alcohol free printing

1 Too much water for moistening the plate: because the viscosity of the alcohol containing system is higher than that of the alcohol free system, under the same time and the speed of the water roller, the amount of water transmitted by the alcohol containing system to the printing plate is more than that of the alcohol free system. In order to avoid dirty plates, it is necessary to increase the speed of the water roller, giving the impression that the amount of water is increased. If the pressure of the water roller against the plate is reduced so that the set speed of the water roller is equal to that of alcohol printing, workers will not feel that the water volume is too high

2 Excessive emulsification occurs, but the effect and cost performance are not ideal. Color mixing, and the layout is dirty:

(1) In the alcohol free printing system, the ink roller system will accelerate the emulsification and reach the water ink balance, which may lead to excessive emulsification of ink, especially when the restart time of large solid blocks and large dots must be greater than 60 minutes in the color area. When this problem occurs, first, to better meet the needs of customers, it is necessary to cut off the connection between the ink paths of the water path in time, so that the fountain solution can be transferred to the printing plate before it is emulsified. It is best to try to prevent the integrated ink roller from running on the water roller; On the other hand, in the system without alcohol, the ink will not be diluted. Under the same ink amount setting, the color density will be higher than that of the alcohol system; Therefore, by reducing the setting of inking amount and reducing the cleaning time of the outer box of the fountain solution, the normal operation state of the minimum amount of ink can be restored

(2). Check the hardness of the ink roller. The softer rubber plays a better role in alcohol-free printing. The efficiency of any ink roller system depends on the performance of the ink roller under the maximum tension setting, and certain adjustments need to be made when using a new fountain solution. It is worth noting that the alcohol free system is completely different from the alcohol system. To successfully operate the alcohol free system, we need to re learn new technologies

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