Positioning printing method and equipment of the h

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Positioning printing method and equipment of molded holograms

patent name: positioning printing method and equipment of molded holograms

patent application No: 7 Publication No.:

application date: September 3, 2003. Publication date: September 15, 2004

applicant: Weicheng industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

a positioning printing method and equipment for molded holograms, which includes the following steps 6 End of the experiment: the experiment will stop automatically after reaching the standard requirements: ① make a hologram template to be printed, which is a kind of transparent plastic film; ② Prepare the paperboard or plastic card substrate printed with ordinary pictures and texts; ③ UV coating is printed on the substrate by flexo printing system: ④ attach the hologram template to the substrate And register the printing hologram with the ordinary image and text on the substrate, transfer the substrate obtained in step ③ to the embossing cylinder and the holographic plate roller of the printing container, closely fit with the holographic template, and the reflector will gather the UV light emitted by the UV lamp at the contact between the holographic plate roller and the holographic imprinting roller, and irradiate the UV holographic coating on the substrate to cure it instantly The technical effect of the invention lies in: ① the registration error is very small; ② the transparent plastic template has low cost and convenient replacement; ③ The equipment has simple structure and high efficiency

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