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Positioning design content in packaging and decoration design

positioning design is one of the important theoretical bases of packaging and decoration design. Oxford performance materials (OPM) company has developed two oxfab3d printing materials for aerospace and industrial manufacturing markets: oxfab-n and oxfab-esd, which refer to the appropriate packaging and decoration design of a commodity from a certain point of view using some form and method; It mainly includes: who produces the products? What product is it? For whom? Corresponding to the above three points, the purpose of studying brain computer interface is to divide the new technology positioning design into brand positioning, product positioning and consumer positioning

(1) brand positioning

brand refers to the brand name of the product, and who produced the product in month B. There are three requirements for brand positioning:

① easy to contact products. If the brand can be linked with the product characteristics, the effect is the best, such as "Schindler" for elevators, and "Tianmei" and "Yumeijing" for cosmetics

② it is easy to contact the manufacturer. There are many manufacturers with the brand name of our factory. For example, the products of Guangzhou Wanbao electric appliance group company are named after "Wanbao"

③ easy for consumers to recognize. The brand should impress consumers and be easy to identify, such as using flying seagulls to indicate the "Seagull" brand, and using three diamonds to indicate the "Mitsubishi" brand

however, the above three points may not be reflected in the same brand at the same time, but this should be considered in the brand positioning

(2) product positioning

what are the packaged products reflected in product positioning? How to clean? What are its characteristics? The requirements for product positioning are as follows:

① distinguishing varieties. There are many varieties of products, and the differences between some varieties are very small, so consumers should be able to distinguish between them. Even products with small differences, such as candy, fruit candy, milk candy, peanut candy, chocolate, etc., these different candy varieties should be distinguished in the brand

② indicate the purpose. The uses of products are different and must be confirmed. For example, medicinal wine is different from wine

③ highlight features. Product features are the key to make the product have strong vitality, and the distinctive features of the product should be highlighted, such as instant noodles should highlight "convenience"

④ reflect the quality grade. The product quality is high and low, and its packaging should be consistent with the quality, that is, high-grade products should be packaged with high-grade packaging, and low-grade products should be packaged with low-grade packaging, so that the appearance and interior are the same

⑤ describe the use method. Different products are used in different ways, such as food, such as cooking, washing, frying, instant, etc; Drugs, including taking before meals, after meals, every 4h, every 8h, etc., need to be explained in detail

(3) consumer orientation

consumer orientation refers to who produces the product? Who is the consumer. Mainly consider the following aspects:

① group objects of consumption. The gender, age, occupation and culture of the consumers of the products are different, and the demand for products is also different, such as the needs of the elderly and children, men and women

② differences in family structure. The composition of family structure varies, and the demand for products is also different. Products need to be produced according to the composition and proportion of families, such as the needs of a family of five and a family of two

③ different psychological factors. Psychological factors have a great impact on the sales of products, such as luck, wealth, longevity and happiness. Such packaging is very in line with people's psychology of seeking good luck, and the mandarin duck of Shuangfei is the most popular when getting married

positioning design includes a lot of contents, which are difficult to be fully reflected or cannot be combined. Therefore, there should be only focus on plastics. Generally, a package should highlight a key point, which should be the advantage of this product. If it is a famous brand, it should be positioned with the brand name; If it has national characteristics, the product positioning is preferred

source: Guangxi packaging

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