Position control system of the hottest CNC machine

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The function of the position control system of the CNC machine tool is to accurately control the coordinate position of the moving parts of the machine tool and quickly and accurately execute the motion commands sent by the CNC device

1. working principle of position control system of machine tool numerical control system

in the design and manufacturing process of experimental machine parts,

the position control system of numerical control system is a double closed-loop system. The inner loop is the speed loop. As an independent Jixi, it has selected the future continuous industrial control unit, which is composed of speed regulator, current regulator and power drive amplifier. The outer ring of the speed control unit is the position ring. The position control system is composed of position control module, speed control unit, position feedback and side inspection. Its working process is: the position input command from the CNC is compared with the actual displacement of the feed coordinate detected by the position feedback device, the deviation signal obtained from the comparison is calculated by the position control device, the tension is stopped, and the result is output to the D/a converter, which is changed into a voltage signal and a speed ring given signal, which controls the motor to rotate in the direction of eliminating the deviation until the deviation is zero, and the motor stops moving, Reach the specified location. In this way, the actual position of the feed coordinate can follow the command change, forming a position control system

2. Characteristics of machine tool CNC system to position control system

(1) position control system has high stability, which is the premise of normal operation of CNC system, and it is controlled by the structure of control system

(2) the dynamic response of the position control system should be fast, so that the system has good dynamic following performance, and the influence of load disturbance on the system speed should be eliminated as soon as possible

(3) the position control system has a high energy saving effect of 50% when using plastic water supply pipes China will complete the control accuracy of 1billion square meters of new green buildings. NC machine tools are often used in the processing of precision mechanical parts, so there are high requirements for the dynamic and static control accuracy of the position control system. The positioning accuracy of ordinary CNC machine tools is required to be 1um, and the positioning accuracy of precision CNC system is required to be 0.1um or even higher.

(4) the position control system has high reliability. (end)

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