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Gerbera Postharvest Treatment - packaging and transportation

the state of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters can be known through the display screen. During the transportation process, the dimensional accuracy of the product can be improved, and the ambient temperature can be reduced to 6 ℃ - 9 ℃, which will delay the life activities of the flowers and save energy. Gerbera had better use 70 cm × 40 cm × The 30cm rectangular packing box is packed to avoid breaking due to movement during transportation. The cartons used for packaging can be reused, but not too frequently, so as to avoid breeding bacteria. After being transported to the destination, the bottom of the African chrysanthemum stalk will dry. Use a clean knife to obliquely cut off a little of the stalk, and then immerse it in a clean preservative solution. If there is no preservative solution, you can also use a low concentration bleach solution

electronic universal experimental machine is also divided into single arm electronic universal experimental machine reproduced from: Tangshan agricultural information

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