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The positioning problem of commodity packaging design

I. Introduction:

with the increasing development of the commodity era, packaging plays a more and more important role in the whole field of commodity circulation, and how to solve the packaging positioning is particularly important. This paper mainly explains the basic principles and methods of commodity packaging positioning and some problems existing in the process of packaging positioning

Second, the meaning of commodity packaging positioning:

"commodity positioning" refers to what associations and views we want our consumers to have on our products. Associate with our company and its brand positioning; Think of all products with the same function in the market, that is, product positioning and consumer positioning

1. Brand positioning: brand refers to "who". Who sells? A traditional old company? A new brand full of vitality? A successful businessman? Or a rising star in the market? In daily life, the problem to be solved by brand positioning is: to what extent do we want to associate consumers with the company name (that is, to use the "company" trademark) or one or several product brands of the company. Here, the factors related to brand positioning to be considered include brand selection, brand identification and brand series positioning (7. Nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ Radiographic flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.); Relative to individual product positioning)

2. Product positioning what does a product mean. What do you sell? A popular product? A popular product? A popular product? A commodity? A bargain? Is it a gift or a status symbol? The key to brand positioning is to make consumers associate our new products with similar products in the market (whether competitors or our company). Here we need to consider the factors related to product positioning, including product category, specific characteristics of products, use methods and occasions, price and level, etc

3. consumption target positioning consumption target refers to who is the main sales target of the product sold to? Teenagers? Is it a woman? Is it an affirmative object or a potential object? Is it the whole family? We should consider whether to make these consumers feel that the new products are different from the existing similar products in the market on the basis of fixed consumption objects? In the positioning of relevant products, we must consider human objects, psychological objects and other elements. Who? What's that? To whom? In the relationship between brand, product and consumer, the sentence "who sells what to whom" summarizes the whole content of positioning

III. methods of commodity packaging positioning

1. Brand positioning, including: company brand, product brand, company logo, brand series positioning (relative to the positioning of single products), single product positioning, etc

2. product positioning to use product positioning, we must determine four issues related to products: product category, product characteristics, use method and occasion, price and sense of quality

(1) product category do we want to associate consumers with this kind of product or that kind of product? In addition, different positioning strategies will also enable products to be sold through different channels. The packaging of positioning fresh milk will be sold smoothly through the vegetable market, while the packaging of positioning fitness food will be distributed through health commodity malls. If sold in supermarkets, the dairy products packaged with improved varieties will also be displayed on different shelves, which can answer some questions often raised by some people. Can the same product be put on the market with two different packages at the same time? The answer is, absolutely, but it is inconsistent with professional ethics

(2) product characteristics we hope that people will have a view of a product with one kind of characteristics rather than that kind of characteristics

(3) how and where do we want people to use this product, or at what time of day

(4) we hope for a sense of price and quality, but the consumption of household appliances is not very large. Do people feel cheap, average or expensive about this product? Experience tells us that the actual sales price of a product should be consistent with the appearance price of the product. If the appearance of a package is not consistent with the product price, consumers will have doubts. Any kind of packaging design, regardless of its positioning, can make the packaging feel cheap, medium or high-grade through the purposeful use of appropriate pattern techniques, such as bright, strong colors, different layouts, quiet and rational design, plus bronzing, embossing and highlight treatment

3. The positioning of consumption objects is here. What kind of people or mental state do we particularly hope to become potential consumers of our products

(1) what kind of people mainly refers to, such as a certain age group, a certain occupation, a certain gender, etc

(2) psychological objects psychological objects mainly refer to different lifestyles, personalities and national hobbies. Psychological design is not only suitable for people who belong to a certain cultural class. And it can be suitable for people who have a special good design style. Therefore, in the design of psychological positioning, we are closer to promoting art than products

4. The essence of packaging and positioning packaging is structural modeling and its materials. In addition to the function of containing and protecting products, packaging also has the function of information transmission. The shape of the packaging construction material, the cover body and the label all have the function of expressing a kind of positioning information of the horizontal tensile testing machine produced by our company. It can be seen that the packaging design:

(1) materials, such as plastic, glass, paperboard and compound materials

(2) modeling, including industrial modeling or patent modeling

(3) plane effect, including simple and gorgeous decoration and embossing

(4) shape and size, including single packaging, large packaging, household consumption, combined packaging, etc

(5) easy to use, easy to access, multiple use of the cover and easy to open, etc. 5. Best comprehensive positioning above, we have analyzed the positioning methods of various products. In fact, if we summarize the above-mentioned elements, we can get the following seven main positioning design methods: brand positioning; Relevant product positioning; Positioning of relevant consumption objects; Relevant brand positioning; Relevant brands and consumption should be tightened in time; Object positioning; Positioning of relevant products and consumers; Positioning of brands, products and consumers. The main work we need to do is to select various possible design schemes and select the design scheme that can make the products sell best under the current market conditions. This predictive decision determines the best positioning of relevant brands, products and consumption objects. As far as packaging is concerned, various positioning information contents can often be transmitted in different parts of the packaging. The front, back and side of a package can complement each other, which leads to our next question: (to be continued)

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