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There may be mistakes in the overprint of Olympic commemorative banknotes

the temple of heaven as the background pattern on the front of the Olympic Commemorative Banknote lacks the altar top, but below the front of the bird's nest pattern of the Commemorative Banknote, there is the altar top of the temple of heaven

with regard to the misprint incident of the Tiantan spire of the Olympic Commemorative Banknote, the printing professionals carried out targeted maintenance and repair. Shi Xiang said that at present, the printing overprint link is most likely to have defects. The central bank has not yet received a clear answer to this matter

on site witness: the size of the spire is different, and the serial number splicing is just right.

came to the collection lover Mr. Zhang's house. Mr. Zhang and his family bought three Olympic commemorative banknotes. They noticed that the size of the temple of heaven spire below the three banknotes was different, some longer, some shorter

when two consecutive banknotes are put together, the spire and the top of the tower can be seamlessly spliced. However, there are slight differences when bills without serial numbers are put together

Mr. Zhang said that he didn't care about the misprint. Even if it was the wrong version, it wouldn't affect its collection value. Mr. Zhang said

printing expert: it is likely that there are mistakes in the overprint process.

in response to various social guesses about the design defects of Olympic commemorative banknotes, this morning, I consulted Mr. Liu, a relevant technician from Beijing Hualian, the largest printing factory in northern China

after synthesizing the opinions of the technical engineers of the printing plant and the front-line printing workers, Mr. Liu said that at present, if it is not the intention of the designer, the possibility of defects in the overprint process is the highest. It is likely that there is a mistake in some link of four-color overprint

from the face of the ticket, except for the temple of heaven pattern, there is no sign of dislocation in other text patterns, so the cutting error can be denied

as for anti-counterfeiting, Mr. Liu thinks it is also far fetched. As a cultural symbol of the Chinese nation, the temple of heaven should not be easily cut and misplaced

according to the official announcement of the central bank, the anti-counterfeiting features of Olympic commemorative banknotes do not mention the relationship between the temple of heaven pattern and anti-counterfeiting

collection experts: it does not affect the collection value, and there is no need to follow the trend to buy.

Chu Xia, Secretary General of the coin collection Committee of the China collectors association, said that even if the Olympic commemorative banknotes are really widespread, the dislocation of the temple of heaven will not have a great impact on their collection value. Once this matter becomes the cause of a new round of speculation in the market, citizens should treat it rationally and do not chase them at high prices

old Xu Xiang, a coin speculation expert in Baoguosi coin card market, said that the top position of the temple of heaven of commemorative banknotes has been on the coin surface, and the jargon calls it meat, even if it is not the intention of the designer, it can only be counted as a defect in the design level, and does not have the value-added value of wrong coins

industry view: banks have different views, and the central bank has not yet made a clear statement 6 This morning, the head of the speech Department of the Beijing Branch of five state-owned commercial banks that exchange Olympic commemorative banknotes, namely, electrician, agriculture, China Construction and transportation, said that they had never heard of such a special feature of the Olympic Commemorative Banknote

people in the banking industry have very different views on the misprint of commemorative banknotes. An insider believes that this is the problem that the shear sensor is considered as the cutting of class 1 electronic components; Some insiders also revealed that this may be the step of connecting up and down between banknotes. 1: first check the software for a circular anti-counterfeiting design

then, he called the relevant person of the central bank's business management department responsible for the issuance of Olympic commemorative banknotes. Because today was not a working day, the person declined the interview and agreed to conduct an interview by fax next week

background link: the dislocation of the temple of heaven triggered a great discussion

a few days ago, a blog article entitled "the Olympic Commemorative Banknote was found to be wrong, which is likely to be the wrong currency, to be determined" triggered a discussion at the National People's Congress

after checking the sample banknote patterns in the issuance announcement of the central bank's Olympic commemorative banknotes and the physical photos of this newspaper and major media in recent days, it is found that this situation is not an example. Almost all the Olympic commemorative banknotes visible on the market have the phenomenon of dislocation of the temple of heaven

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