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On January 11, 2019, in accordance with the company's annual work plan, the internal audit team of Shijiazhuang stone Pump Co., Ltd. organized and carried out the 2018 internal audit of the three systems of quality, environment and safety in accordance with the requirements of iso9001:2015, iso4001:2016 and gb/t standards. All plastics showed creep nuclear work, which was of great significance to the company's quality, safety

on January 11, 2019, according to the company's annual work plan, the internal audit team of Shijiazhuang stone Pump Industry Co., Ltd. organized and carried out the internal audit of the three systems of quality, environment and safety in 2018 in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2, 015, iso4001:2016 and gb/t standards, and conducted a comprehensive internal audit on the operation of the three systems of quality, safety and environment of our company

at 9:00 a.m., the company held the first internal audit meeting, grouped the auditors according to the audit plan, and announced the audit contents

subsequently, the internal audit team went deep into each department to conduct group audit according to quality management system documents, laws and regulations, customer requirements, etc. through talking with key personnel of the audited department, spot checking work records, on-site inspection and audit, we can comprehensively audit the implementation of the three systems of each department in view of the category that the beverage dropped to 74.7% of the standard packaging in the same month of last year

after years of system operation, the company has organized various work according to the system requirements, all departments can understand the system requirements, and the new version of system documents can be improved and strengthened on the basis of the previous version. After audit, no nonconformities were found, and 5 improvement suggestions were put forward. These five items mainly focus on work details and risk prevention measures, including the integrity of records, the signing level of review conclusions, the rigor and integrity of quotations, the further improvement of site management, and the further training, publicity and implementation of employees' environmental safety

through internal audit, the company audited the operation of the company's three systems in 2018, checked the compliance and effectiveness of the system, prevented potential risks, insisted on continuous improvement, and played a positive role in improving the company's management level and production service quality

Shijiazhuang Shi Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional slurry pump manufacturer integrating design, manufacturing, marketing and technical services. At present, the main products of stone pump industry have more than a dozen series and hundreds of varieties, and the users are all over the industries such as mineral processing, metallurgy, coal, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection, etc. The domestic market covers all provinces and cities in China, and has a direct branch in Tianjin. In the international market, in 2005, the company handled the self operated import and export right. As of 2017, foreign customers have spread to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and there are 43 overseas agents

in addition to the original series of wear-resistant metals such as high chromium and manganese, the stone pump industry has continuously optimized the materials used for slurry pumps. It has successively cooperated with scientific research institutions such as Kunming University of technology, Beijing University of chemical technology and Tsinghua University to develop non-metallic wear-resistant materials such as wear-resistant ceramics and polymer composites, thus reaching the international leading level in the research and innovation of impact and abrasion resistant materials. In terms of hydraulic design, our company took the lead in signing a new product R & D agreement with the Institute of hydraulic machinery of Tsinghua University, aiming to provide a new generation of slurry pumps with high efficiency, low energy consumption and long service life for the slurry pump industry

with the accelerating pace of the global economy, the company always adheres to the values of "integrity-based, technological innovation and customer first", and adheres to satisfying our customers with high-quality products, reliable quality, satisfactory service and reasonable prices

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