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The five major paper industries want to shift to the lucrative industry pattern of dissolving pulp or rewrite the profit bottleneck of the paper industry. The listed companies in this industry are eager to seek other ways to improve their profitability. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020. At present, the dissolving pulp in the lucrative industry has attracted five listed companies in the paper industry, including Chenming Paper (), Sun Paper (), to invest

on May 10, a report released by CITIC Securities said that Chenming paper will switch to a 600000 ton wood dissolved pulp project in the near future, making the domestic planned investment in dissolved pulp projects reach 1.6 million to 1.7 million tons. This plan will lead to overcapacity of domestic dissolved pulp in 2012, resulting in a demand gap of 380000 tons, which may reduce the price of dissolved pulp. Without this project, the dissolved pulp will be in short supply before 2013, and the profit will be significantly higher than that of the paper sector

in this regard, a person in charge of the Board Secretariat of Chenming paper told China business yesterday that the company had the idea of converting this project to dissolved pulp, but did not specify whether to convert the Zhanjiang project to 600000 tons of dissolved wood pulp. If the prospect of dissolved pulp is good, the company will consider changing production

the three major fiber raw materials in the textile industry are synthetic fiber, natural fiber raw materials and viscose fiber. Among them, synthetic chemical fiber is facing the problems of rising oil prices and environmental protection. The prices of natural fiber raw materials such as cotton and hemp have risen sharply in recent years. Viscose fiber has become the best raw material in the textile industry. Viscose fiber is processed from cotton pulp or dissolved pulp. The main raw materials of dissolved pulp are wood and bamboo, which have some similarities with papermaking pulp in technology

according to the data of Guotai Junan, in 2010, the output of viscose fiber in China was about 2.1 million tons, and the consumption of pulp was about 2.3 million tons, of which the wear of certain parts or the wear of individual parts was about 950000 tons of cotton pulp, 1.3 million tons of dissolved pulp (1.15 million tons imported), and 50000 tons of bamboo pulp. At the end of 2010, the domestic supply of dissolved pulp was about 150000 tons

according to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the national papermaking and paper products industry realized a revenue of 243.2 billion yuan, with a total accumulated profit of 11.8 billion yuan. The average gross profit margin of the industry was 13.49%, down from 13.9% in the whole year last year

in the first quarter of this year, the gross profit margin of Chenming Paper decreased from 19.72% in the fourth quarter of last year to 17.85% due to the rise of raw material costs higher than the rise of paper price, and the cost pressure further increased

Wang Feng, an analyst at Guotai Junan, made an estimate at the end of February this year. If the quoted price of dissolved pulp is 18000 yuan/ton (including tax), after deducting domestic production costs and taxes, the net profit of dissolved pulp is 3500~5500 yuan/ton. In March, 80% of paper-making wood pulp thought that the first reason for their original resignation was that the original enterprise lacked a fair competition environment, and the after tax net profit was only 500~1000 yuan/ton

dissolving slurry has significant advantages in cost. Luoyamei, an analyst at industrial securities, believes that among the world's top ten dissolved pulp manufacturers, the highest cost is $800/ton and the lowest is $540/ton. Due to the rising planting and picking costs, it is expected that the domestic cotton and even cotton pulp prices will remain high for a long time. The price of dissolved pulp was once as high as 3000 US dollars/ton, with huge profit margin. Even if the price of dissolved pulp drops to 1000 US dollars/ton in the future, there will still be profit margin

considering this, five listed companies, Qingshan Paper (), Yueyang Paper (), Taiyang paper, Fujian Nanzhi () and Chenming paper, are all considering investing in dissolved pulp projects

sun paper plans to carry out technical transformation on the pulp project in Shandong Province. The capacity of dissolved pulp is planned to be 200000 tons. It is planned to be put into operation in September this year. It is the first listed paper company to put into operation the dissolved pulp project. At the same time, it plans to invest a new 200000 tons of dissolved pulp project in Fangcheng, Guangxi

a person in charge of the Board Secretariat of sun paper told this newspaper that the company is very optimistic about the prospect of the dissolved pulp project

Chenming paper now has a capacity of 80000 tons of dissolved pulp. The above-mentioned person in charge of the company's Board Secretariat told this newspaper that the price of dissolved pulp is very unstable and has now fallen to 14000 yuan/ton. It is precisely in view of this that the company's project in Zhanjiang may continue to produce pulp according to the original plan

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