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Five major sectors go hand in hand Zoomlion reviews the situation and makes the first transformation

five sectors go hand in hand 1. Turn on the power supply and make the first transformation in Zoomlion reviews the situation

China Construction Machinery Information

recently, the Ministry of agriculture pointed out at the National Work Conference on agricultural mechanization that China's agricultural mechanization is expected to increase to 70% by 2020. However, this ratio is still far lower than the current 100% agricultural mechanization rate in Japan and South Korea, and there is huge room for improvement in the future

as early as 2008, Zoomlion put forward the strategic idea of entering the field of agricultural machinery. By the beginning of 2013, it had established the agricultural machinery business division, established the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute in Chicago, the United States, and built a 10 billion agricultural industrial park in Bishan, Chongqing at the end of the year. Until 2014, it joined hands with Hony capital to acquire Chery heavy industry, a new leader in China's agricultural machinery industry, Zoomlion's strategy of expanding agricultural machinery business was implemented orderly one by one

On August 20, 2014, Zoomlion, Hony capital and Chery heavy industry jointly announced that Zoomlion had purchased 60% of the shares of Chery heavy industry with RMB 2088 million, while Hony capital had acquired 600million shares of Chery heavy industry with RMB 696million, accounting for 20% of its total share capital

this M & A is a milestone for Zoomlion to enter the agricultural machinery industry, helping the company quickly complete the layout of the agricultural machinery sector in a short time, and laying a solid foundation for Zoomlion to enter the ranks of world-class agricultural machinery enterprises

in order to effectively make up for the risks brought about by the industry cycle, zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion and his team decisively transformed the company's development focus from the construction machinery sector to the five sectors of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental industry, heavy trucks and financial services

at present, Zoomlion agricultural machinery business has basically covered the whole production process of breeding, land preparation, sowing, field management, harvesting, drying and storage of major domestic crops

On January 6, Zoomlion and yuanlongping launched the "demonstration project of super high yield agricultural machinery and agronomy integration of hybrid rice" in Changsha, Hunan Province. Zoomlion's innovative driving mode of "integrated development of agricultural machinery and agronomy" has been highly recognized by the father of hybrid rice

take the path of "the the Belt and Road" to accelerate internationalization

2014, the official implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy once again pushed China's equipment manufacturing industry to the world stage. It is estimated that the total population along the "the Belt and Road" is about 4.4 billion, and the total economic output is about $21 trillion, accounting for 63% and 29% of the world respectively. The equipment was not used for a long time. Some users did not have the demand for test materials at that time. According to the analysis, infrastructure construction will be the first field to be carried out in the "the Belt and Road" plan. This is a major positive for the equipment manufacturing industry, which can help it digest excess capacity, and the relocation of capacity will also become the "new normal" of the industry

as a leading enterprise in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, Zoomlion will not miss this opportunity. Previously, Zoomlion has signed strategic cooperation agreements with large construction units such as China Railway Construction port and Waterway Bureau

zhangjianguo, senior president of Zoomlion, said that the company has maintained close cooperation with many large construction enterprises with Chinese initials, and they are the main force in the construction of cosmetics and the "the Belt and Road". As its upstream equipment supplier, Zoomlion has done a good job in integrating resources in domestic and international markets so as to better follow them out

in addition, Zoomlion, founded in 1992, has created an industry miracle of compound growth of 50% for 22 consecutive years by virtue of endogenous growth and extended mergers and acquisitions. In 2000, Zoomlion officially landed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and insisted on cash dividends for 14 consecutive years, with a total cash distribution of up to 7.548 billion yuan. It has always shared the fruitful results of the company's rapid development with investors

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