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Five advantages boost the take-off of Shenyang mold industry

recently, the news that China's mold industry moved from the south to the north to the three northeast provinces spread like wildfire, all of which originated from the mold industry summit of the three northeast provinces in March this year. With the further development of equipment manufacturing industry, Northeast China has a strong demand for mold and other supporting products. Shenyang and Changchun are the most urgent cities

it is understood that at present, Shenyang is taking the construction of Tiexi equipment manufacturing base as the main body, the automobile city and hanggao base as the two wings, and the Hunnan, Shenbei and county development space as the important carriers, opening up a new pattern of comprehensive industrial revitalization. Adjusting the structure of the industrial front and raising the level of key enterprises will be a breakthrough for Shenyang's industry to move forward from a high starting point into the 12th Five Year Plan. This year, Shenyang will vigorously adjust its industrial structure, expand and strengthen advantageous industries, cultivate and develop emerging industries, and comprehensively launch the construction plan for emerging industries. There are few mold manufacturing enterprises in Northeast China, and the abrasive tool industry bears the brunt

the mold industry, commonly known as the "mother of industry", is the most important basic industry in the manufacturing industry, and is called by economists as the magnetic industry of "turning iron into gold". Liaozhong offshore economic zone, located in Liaozhong County, Shenyang, is committed to building a world-class machinery and mold industrial park. It strives to have 10 enterprise groups with world influence, 5 international brand products with independent intellectual property rights that can lead the technological development of the world industry, 20 enterprises with a sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan and a total output value of 40billion yuan within 3 to 5 years. This is of great strategic significance to optimize Shenyang's industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading, change the mode of economic growth, improve the level of economic development, enhance regional economic competitiveness and enrich the people

development blueprint of Shenyang mold industry park

the planning area of the development blueprint of the mold industry park is 5km2. It will integrate Shenyang mold industry resources, become a provincial demonstration industrial park with scientific planning, prominent main business, complete supporting facilities, beautiful ecology, high-quality service, suitable for Industry and living, and strong radiation driving force, become a national mold production and R & D center, and become an internationally competitive professional base for advanced mold industrialization. At present, 13 enterprises have started construction. In the early stage of the park, stamping die, plastic die and die-casting die manufacturers will be introduced. In the near future, the park will introduce large-scale machine tool, automobile manufacturing, food packaging mold manufacturing enterprises, and give key support policies. According to luobaihui's analysis, the development of mold industry in Northeast China is relatively slow, but with the heating up of northeast economy, the development pace of the whole market has been driven. From the annual northeast machine tool and tooling exhibition in Northeast China to the creation of a mold industry base in central Liaoning, it fully shows that the mold industry in Northeast China is developing in a positive and orderly direction, and more and more domestic and foreign enterprises are targeting this promising market. On march18,2010, the 11th northeast international machine tool and tooling exhibition will be held in Shenyang Liaoning industrial exhibition hall. At that time, hundreds of well-known enterprises in the industry will gather here. As the most authoritative and professional industry event in Northeast China in spring, it provides the most direct and effective display opportunities for enterprises who want to explore the Northeast market, and also provides the most convenient procurement platform for many buyers in Northeast China

promising market development

mold industry is not only a high value-added industry (with an average profit margin of more than 30%), but also the basic process equipment industry of industrial production - the mother of manufacturing industry. In automobiles, electronics, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, home appliances, communications and military products, percent of the parts and components must be molded by molds. The level of mold production technology has become one of the important symbols to measure the level of product manufacturing. From the international and domestic market, the market potential of the mold industry is huge. The annual demand of the international market is as high as more than 60billion US dollars, and the annual demand of the domestic market is as high as 80billion yuan, and it is still growing at an annual rate of 15%. Compared with the huge market demand, the current supply of mold products in China is seriously insufficient. At present, the domestic mold production capacity is only 60billion yuan, and most of them are low-end mold production capacity. As an old national industrial base, Northeast China has a huge demand for molds. Especially with the acceleration of revitalization and the landing of domestic and foreign capital in Northeast China, the demand for industrial molds will rise rapidly, and the mold market has a broad prospect. Luo Baihui predicted that the construction of Liaoning mold industry base will greatly improve the situation of mold shortage in northeast equipment manufacturing base, radiate Northeast Asia, and the products will face developed countries and regions such as the United States, Russia and South Korea, with a promising market prospect

integrate the resources of Shenyang mold industry

as a provincial Development Zone, the offshore economic zone enjoys municipal economic management authority, with a total area of 668 square kilometers. Within five years, the population in the zone will increase from 280000 to 500000. 800 large-scale enterprises will achieve an output value of 100billion yuan. It will integrate the resources of Shenyang mold industry and become a scientific planning, prominent main business, complete supporting facilities, beautiful ecology, high-quality service, suitable for Industry and living The provincial demonstration industrial park with strong radiation and driving force has become a national mold production and R & D center and an internationally competitive professional base for advanced mold industrialization. Luobaihui, a specially invited industry researcher of China International Economic Development Research Center, believes that the offshore economic zone condenses the urban elements of the old industrial base and undertakes the industrial transfer of the Shenxi industrial corridor. The rise of the offshore economic zone located in the South Qiaotou fort of the Shenxi industrial corridor will drive the development of the urban agglomeration in central Liaoning. In the offshore economy, a large number of inorganic materials are added to the spring, most of which are used in the main parts of machinery and vehicles. The development of the mold industry can not only drive the development of the local economy, but also is of great significance to promote the development of the manufacturing industry in Shenyang and even Liaoning

chenzhenggao, governor of Liaoning Province, and liyingjie, mayor of Shenyang, attached great importance to the construction of Liaoning offshore mold industry base, and personally presided over the research on the development of Liaoning offshore mold industry base. In December2008, he personally attended the investment introduction meeting of Mold Industrial Park in Shenyang offshore economic zone

in may, 2009, an entrepreneur delegation led by Guangdong mold industry association and Hong Kong Mold Technology Association visited Shenyang offshore economic zone and successfully signed a contract for the construction of mold industry base project

according to the world vision and modern standards, Shenyang offshore economic zone has outlined the grand development blueprint of Liaoning offshore mold industry base based on the present and the future

functional positioning: Based on the economic uplift zone of Liaoning Tonghai Industrial Avenue, relying on Shenyang mother city and central Liaoning urban agglomeration, taking the perfect transportation network of sea, land and air as the link, and the strong equipment manufacturing industry of Liaoning and Northeast China as the support, build a domestic first-class mold manufacturing base that serves Liaoning, radiates the northeast, faces Northeast Asia, and integrates mold technology research and development, achievement transformation, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, Build a mold City in northern China

spatial layout: focus on building "five functional areas" of technology research and development, material production, mold equipment, mold manufacturing and logistics services

industry direction: focus on the development of automobile manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, instrument manufacturing and other mold industries

development goal: strive to introduce 200 various mold enterprises in five years, achieve an output value of 10billion yuan, and preliminarily build a mold industry system serving the manufacturing industry in Liaoning, Northeast China and even northeast Asia

five advantages boost the take-off of mold industry

Liaoning offshore mold industry base is located in Shenyang offshore economic zone, which is the major development space of Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry and supporting industries positioned by Liaoning provincial government and the international logistics center of Northeast Asia

-- unique location and traffic advantages, dominating Liaoning and the northeast. Backed by Shenyang, the largest equipment manufacturing base in Liaoning, it is located in the center of Liaoning equipment manufacturing cluster. Close to the seaport and hinterland, especially as the international logistics center in Northeast Asia, it has a huge radiation force. The sea railway and highway lead directly to Yingkou port; The expressway around the central city group of Liaoning closely connects the eight major heavy industrial cities in Liaoning, forming an hour long economic circle; Beijing Shenyang Expressway and railway are linked within the pass; Shenyang Harbin railway and expressway connect Northeast China. Investing in the offshore industry is located in Liaoning and Northeast China

-- unique advantages of northeast dry port and bonded logistics, connecting the four seas and overlapping opportunities. The Shenyang dry port invested 1billion yuan by Yingkou Port Group was put into operation in June2009. Shenyang bonded logistics center (type b), the only bonded logistics center in the Northeast inland region, will be closed and put into operation in October next year

-- huge market advantages, accumulating gold and silver to enjoy wealth. Under the double pressure of the global economic crisis caused by the global financial tsunami, the energy shortage and the rising cost of human resources, it has become a trend for South to North investment. With the in-depth implementation of the Northeast Revitalization Strategy, as the leader of Northeast revitalization, Liaoning economy, which is mainly supported by the equipment manufacturing base, has maintained the momentum of rapid development and entered the historical stage of comprehensive revitalization. After achieving a GDP of more than trillion yuan last year and ranking among the top eight in China, Liaoning Province utilized about 10.6 billion yuan of foreign capital, a year-on-year increase of 36%, ranking among the top three in China for the first time. In the first half of this year, the GDP growth of Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry reached 54.5%. The rapid development of manufacturing industry has brought huge development opportunities to the mold industry. According to the estimation of relevant departments, the annual mold demand in Northeast China is nearly 20billion yuan

-- strong technical and talent advantages, intelligent business enterprises and guarantee development. As old industrial bases, Liaoning and Shenyang have a large number of Engineering Colleges and research institutes, such as northeast university. Shenyang Mould Technology Training Center of Shenyang Institute of technology is a well-known mould technology talent training base in China. In particular, the professional and technical talents and practical skilled talents that we actually have are unique in China

-- strong policy support advantages, enjoy discounts and boost the take-off. In addition to enjoying the national preferential policies for revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, the preferential policies for central Liaoning city group - greater Shenyang Economic Zone formulated by Liaoning provincial government, and the "five points and one line" preferential policies of Liaoning Province, Shenyang municipal government has also formulated special support policies for the development of mold industry

strive to build six service platforms

in order to fully support the development of the mold industrial park, the offshore economic zone will build six service platforms. For example, we should solve the capital problems of settled enterprises, create investment and financing service platforms, guide the government to establish investment and financing mechanisms, set up venture capital guidance funds, improve the investment funds for small and medium-sized enterprises with enterprise clusters as the main body, attract venture capital companies to carry out investment business, vigorously develop private loan guarantee companies and other investment and financing institutions, and form a capital market in which private guarantee institutions and professional banks complement each other, Provide investment and financing service platform for enterprises in the zone

4. Prestressed concrete beams without fatigue fracture of non prestressed tendons at the bottom of beams

in addition, four characteristic industrial parks will be built, and a comprehensive service area will be built. The service area has a variety of functions such as government affairs hall, hotel, catering, medical treatment, leisure and entertainment, providing three-dimensional services for industrial workers and foreign clerks in the mold industry park. The cost is only fluoropolymer A small part of expensive materials such as glass enhances the brand image of the park

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