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Heli explosion-proof forklift is more and more widely used to make handling safer

Heli explosion-proof forklift is more and more widely used to make handling safer

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. After investigation, the accident was caused by the excessive dust concentration in the workshop and explosion in case of fire source

relevant experts believe that the cause of this event is the aluminum powder explosion caused by polishing. To be exact, it should be the aluminum alloy powder explosion. As the spherical support rod in the piston deviates to one side, it leads to different center explosions between the upper and lower collets and the upper and lower pressing plates. It is understood that the so-called dust explosion means that when the dust encounters a heat source (open fire or temperature) within the explosion limit, the fire. 6. The main matter for soliciting public opinions, the flame spreads instantly throughout the mixed dust space, the chemical reaction speed is accelerated, and a large amount of heat is released at the same time, forming a very high temperature and pressure, which has a strong destructive power. There are generally three conditions for dust explosion: combustible dust is suspended in the air with appropriate concentration, there is sufficient air and oxidant, there is fire source or strong vibration and friction

under some special working conditions, it is easy to cause dust accumulation. In addition, with the development of the petroleum and chemical industry and the continuous increase of the variety of chemical raw materials, the places with potential safety hazards of explosive gases in production, transportation and storage are also expanding. In order to ensure safe and efficient production, storage and transportation vehicles and forklifts with explosion prevention are more and more widely used

the difference between explosion-proof forklift and ordinary forklift is mainly in the circuit, which has high requirements for the circuit, especially the motor, such as walking motor, steering motor, hydraulic lifting motor, which will produce sparks when rotating. There will be danger in some special places, so special protection and isolation are carried out. Or sealed. It is fully shielded. Some AC motors can also display information values, torque and time curves during the whole process of the experiment. Because AC motors have no sparks during operation, they are relatively safe. Connection between wires. They have been specially treated and protected

Heli forklift is the leading brand in the forklift industry in China, with its production and sales volume ranking first in the industry for 23 consecutive years. In the field of explosion-proof forklift, heli's products also occupy a leading position. Hengyang Heli Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Heli, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of various explosion-proof industrial vehicles. The company's leading explosion-proof products include: ton explosion-proof internal combustion forklift truck 5 tons of explosion-proof battery forklift, tons of explosion-proof battery tractor, tons of explosion-proof battery carrier, tons of large tonnage battery tractor and various explosion-proof military products equipped with the power supply of industrial control box for national defense

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