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The flagship business hall of tower energy serves the people's livelihood

Tai'an tower company builds the flagship business hall of tower energy, creates a rider's home, and provides customers with one-stop power exchange business handling and services to better serve the people's livelihood

first, provide power exchange and car rental services to the public to reduce the entry threshold for riders. In addition to providing distribution vehicles and batteries for riders, it can also provide rider equipment supplies such as power bank, bracket, Bluetooth headset, water cup, vehicle shelf, wind quilt, and provide one-stop service for takeout riders. The business hall is equipped with hot water, tea, medical boxes and other supplies to facilitate riders' rest and injury treatment. It is a real rider's home and provides the most considerate services for riders

the second is to provide one-stop induction service for take away enterprises, which is based on the principle that the corrosive gas generated during the decomposition of Jinan experimental machine factory will affect the manufacturer's production. It can be solved at one time from the rider recruitment interview, vehicle equipment configuration, employment and induction. If you want to be a valiant rider, here is the best choice

the third is to provide consulting services for low-speed charging piles and standby power generation business in the community. The smart charging built by the tower company has the advantages of safety, intelligence and convenience. It can fundamentally solve the electric vehicle charging dilemma in the current community and truly solve the problem of the residents' rear care. Test4.0 full digital closed-loop control system is the professional control system of the new generation of experimental machine developed by our company

Tai'an iron tower company actively undertakes the outstanding corporate civil society, deeply implements the strategy of serving customers, people's livelihood and society, solidly builds an energy service system, and actively helps the government to strengthen the comprehensive management of fire safety of electric bicycles, Accelerate construction "The design team thought of setting up smart charging piles to effectively eliminate the charging chaos and safety hazards of electric bicycles entering the building and entering the house, such as flying line charging of people and cars, private charging and excessive charging, so as to provide convenient charging for residents in the community, and actively help the government's safe community construction and social security governance. Tai'an iron tower company accelerated the promotion of power exchange business to the urban-rural fringe and counties and cities, and used the rider's home image store to create a service brand and realize power exchange Business scale development, through the realization of coordinated development with the takeout industry, improve the delivery efficiency of takeout riders, provide convenience for the people's takeout dining, truly facilitate the people's livelihood, and actively help facilitate and benefit the people

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