Three misunderstandings of train maintenance

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Three misunderstandings of vehicle maintenance

1. The tighter the bolt, the better

the pretightening force of the bolt depends on the gap requirements of the parts after the fracture of the connecting sample. If it is tightened too tightly, the fitting clearance cannot be guaranteed. If the pre tightening force is too large, it may even cause slipping or breaking

2. The tighter the transmission belt, the better.

if the transmission belt is adjusted too tightly, the transmission belt is easy to stretch and deform, and at the same time, it will also accelerate the wear of pulley and bearing. Generally, the belt tightness shall be adjusted to press the middle of the belt, and its sinking shall be 3% to 5% of the center distance of the pulleys at both ends

3. The more engine oil, the better

if the engine oil is added too much, the working resistance of the engine crankshaft will increase. In this way, not only the internal power loss of the engine will be increased, but the test results of the experimental machine sometimes have some errors, and the engine oil will burn and smoke due to the increase of engine oil splashed on the cylinder wall. As a result, the residual carbon in the combustion chamber increases. In order to carry out the compatible engine, but the engine temperature increases, it will also produce deflagration in serious cases. Therefore, the oil volume should be controlled between the upper and lower scribed lines of the oil dipstick

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