The flashover fault of the hottest epsonr210 lamp

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Epson R210 lamp flash fault and handling methods

epsonr210 has the durable and high-quality characteristics, which has formed the popularization of the market. Next, we will introduce how to deal with the light flashing fault. Since Epson R210 has a perfect inspection system, the light flashing prompt is often shown in the event of a fault. The common faults are summarized for friends to take their seats according to the number and help them to quickly eliminate the fault

symptom description: the Epson R210 ink light is on. The power light flashes.

solution: the ink light is on. The power light flashes. This means that there is no ink! Cartridge not detected Press the ink change key! Adjust the length of the ejector rod and fix it according to the prompt; (2) Improper installation position of reversing switch can be

symptom description: Epson R210 paper inlet light and ink light flash at the same time

solution: check whether the ink cartridge is properly installed and whether the CD tray is closed

symptom description: after the Epson R210 printer is powered on, The ink cart stops after several times but does not return to the starting position, and then the paper lamp and ink lamp flash together

solution: if continuous ink supply is not available, solution: drop a few drops of lubricating oil on the steel shaft of the sliding trolley

if continuous ink supply is available, stick the continuous ink supply pipe to the inside of the printer

to prevent the grating problem caused thereby

symptom description: Epson R210 paper feed and ink lamp flash at the same time

Solution: clean the paper feeding sensor of the printer and the paper measuring sensor under the printer head

symptom description: Epson R210 paper feeding light and ink light flash alternately. The zeroing software is used. It is also decoded. It is not possible to further expand the market capacity of the plastic extruder

solution: you can take down the continuous supply system and replace it with the original ink cartridge, If the original ink cartridge works, it means that it is a continuous supply problem

the chip of the ink cartridge may be broken

symptom description: Epson R230 paper feed and ink light flash quickly at the same time Epson R230 paper feed and ink light flash quickly at the same time (the nozzle acts)

solution: if the continuous supply is used, it may be the cause of continuous supply. Another problem is that compared with other building structures, this problem is generally caused by too many times of continuous supply cleaning. Symptom description: when Epson R210 starts up, it continues to increase the shareholding ratio and the number of underwriting. The nozzle moves out for two times, makes two lifting tests, goes to the left and returns to the vicinity of the ink pump. The power light is green, and everything is initially normal. Ready to print, click Print, the nozzle starts to act, and the problem comes out. The red light of the paper feeding light is on, and the green light of the power light is flashing, indicating that the paper loading is incorrect: close the cd/dvd wizard. Reinstall the print paper, and then press the [replace ink cartridge] button on the printer or click the [continue] button that appears on the screen. Remove the residual paper jam manually. To cancel all print jobs, click the [Cancel] button. There is no paper jam, the grating components are free of pollution, and the sensors under the nozzle are free of pollution. All the sensors have been checked to be free of pollution, but the paper cannot be fed for printing

solution: if it is the problem of the paper feed sensor, blow it with a blower to remove foreign matters. If it is the problem of the nozzle sensor, you can clean the sensor under the print head.

if there is no head collision, you can consider the aging of the paper feeding system, which may be the problem of the paper take up wheel.

symptom description: This machine is used to take large head stickers, and the system is installed with Windows XP. Sometimes, just after the machine is turned on, go to see the printing preferences and see that the ink cartridge is in grayscale state. Sometimes, it is normal and can display the amount of remaining ink. Once the grayscale state is over, the printer will not print. Even if it is allowed to print, there will be no response at all. Sometimes, it stops automatically in the middle of the process. And you have to restart the printer before you can continue

solution: if you do not recognize the ink cartridge, replace it. In addition, there may be a problem with the USB data cable or connector contact. Replace the original USB data cable

symptom description: R210 printer is printing. After a sudden flash, it cannot print normally. Nozzle detection is performed on the printer, and the pattern can be printed. Even if the computer prints, it can also be printed in draft mode. However, as long as the text mode or higher mode is selected for printing, after the paper is fed, the paper slowly moves forward a little, and then the paper feed light is on. The paper feed light and the power light flash together, and the computer prompts that there is a paper jam

solution: the machine has a paper feeding action, and an error may be detected after the paper feeding action, so the light flashes. You can try to reinstall the print driver and restore all settings to the factory value. If it is confirmed that the machine code is wrong, you can only reset it first. The two lights may flash for the following reasons:

1 Problem with the sensor, (the grating belt under the word cart and behind the word cart is not clean, and the optical disc sensor is not clean.)

2 The light band is not parallel to the rack

3 The long sponge under the carriage sensor is not clean. It is as wide as A4 paper

4 The nozzle burned Special note: do not add too much Water-based Lubricating oil to the sliding rod at a time, otherwise it is easy to scrape too much lubricating oil into the ink sensor when the print head moves back and forth, causing human failure

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