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On March 26, 2016 Guangzhou door industry expo kicked off at Poly World Trade Expo. Hongmu customization brought 2016 key recommended new products to the exhibition, and tangyunhai, general manager of Hongmu customization, received an exclusive interview from home hotline and Huiya information reporters

on March 26th, 2016, Hongmu custom made its debut at the 7th China (Guangzhou) door industry expo with 2016 key recommended new products. During the exhibition, Tang Yunhai, general manager of Foshan log home furnishing Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with home hotline and Huiya information reporters that he did not agree with the prevailing "price war" competition mode in the market, and only focusing on product quality was the way for enterprises to survive

on site interview guests: tangyunhai, general manager of Foshan log home furnishing Co., Ltd.

tangyunhai, general manager of Foshan log home furnishing Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Tang, many enterprises will make adjustments to their products before the exhibition. What key recommended products have you brought to the exhibition this time? Can you share with us the advantages of these products

Mr. Tang: in terms of wooden door products, it mainly brings open anti-corrosion and old series products, and the cabinet also has water-based lacquered wood wax oil, which is properly integrated into the concept of environmental protection and has attracted the attention of dealers and visitors. In this exhibition, we also brought the Jingwei paint series, which still takes safety and health as the theme and is also popular

Hongmu customized exhibition hall is full of people

home hotline: the new environmental protection law known as "having teeth" has been implemented for one year. At the national two sessions, building an ecological environment has also become a hot spot. I would like to ask whether there is a relevant plan to do its part for environmental protection this year

Mr. Tang: in the production process of the factory, we have paid considerable attention to environmental protection. For example, in the selection of paint, we will use wood wax oil and water-based paint with obvious taste purification effect. In the future, Hongmu customization will also continue to walk on the road of environmental protection and contribute to environmental protection

Hongmu customized exhibition hall new product display

home hotline: this year, "3 ・ 15", "hungry" and other businesses have been exposed to lax management problems. For the cooperation between manufacturers and dealers, the regulatory issue is equally important. How does your company protect the rights and interests of dealers

Mr. Tang: in order to maximize the rights and interests of dealers, we provide one-year warranty and lifelong free maintenance services, which will bring greater development momentum to dealers

Hongmu customized exhibition hall new product details display

home hotline: at present, many enterprises will use "price war" to attract investment. How do you view price competition? How does your company do it

Mr. Tang: as for the "price war", we never participate in it, and even oppose it, because it not only intensifies the vicious competition in the industry, but also brings many negative effects to enterprises. Therefore, we only hope to do our products well and constantly improve our product quality and service level




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