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Meet guanniu wooden door ・ overall home, meet a beautiful home life. Guanniu Shanxi Yuncheng exclusive store presents more choices rich in taste and design for high-end consumers in Yuncheng

meeting seems to be a magical arrangement, which is the beginning of everything

meeting guanniu

meeting guanniu wooden door ・ overall home, meeting a beautiful home life. Guanniu Shanxi Yuncheng exclusive store covers an area of 400 square meters. At present, there are four series of exhibition halls of guanniu, including metropolis, Jianmei, new Chinese style and Italian style. The materials are mainly Eucalyptus. Its products include wooden doors, wine cabinets, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bookcases, wall panels, dumb mouths, window covers and other products, presenting more choices of taste and design for high-end consumers in Yuncheng

meet Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also known as eucalyptus. The wood grain of Eucalyptus is fine and uniform, and its visual environmental protection effect is very clean and tidy. This texture will not make people feel visual fatigue, but also make people calm, which is very beneficial to physical and mental health

guanniu imported Eucalyptus timber from the strategic partner Uruguayan youlfu forest farm. Youerfu forest farm has the largest forest farm in South America. It adopts the most advanced sawing equipment at present, and the degree of automation is very high. From the entry of logs into the workshop to the drying stage, all logs are produced automatically. The whole timber making process is smooth and orderly, which provides a guarantee for providing stable product quality. Its strict drying process improves the stability of Eucalyptus wood in the production of furniture, doors and windows, cabinets and other products

metropolis - American style

material - Eucalyptus

met metropolis

few cities in the world are constantly described and fictional like New York. Skyscrapers, flashing neon lights and the noisy life in the city, New York contains all the excitement and beauty of modern urban life

the guanniu metropolis series does not have too many artificial modifications and constraints, and inadvertently has also achieved another kind of casual romance. It has the luxury and noble spirit of Europa, but it also combines the unruly soil of the American continent. This combination removes many constraints, but it can also find a new nostalgic, noble and atmospheric style of cultural foundation without losing freedom and casualness

New Chinese style - New Chinese style

material - Eucalyptus

meet new Chinese style

New Chinese style was born in the new era of the rejuvenation of Chinese traditional culture. It is a brand-new interpretation of Chinese traditional culture in the current era. At the beginning of exploring the local consciousness of Chinese design circles, it skillfully compatible the representative Chinese elements in traditional culture with modern materials, and the furniture, window lattice and fabric bedding of the Ming and Qing Dynasties complement each other, Create a traditional home environment with the aesthetic needs of modern people, and express the pursuit of the Oriental spiritual realm of elegant savings, dignified and magnificent

Italian style - Italian minimalism

material - black walnut

meet Morandi

Morandi's color system is simple and calm, which is a quiet and mysterious chic, with a view to creating a harmonious poetic aesthetic visual experience. Here, designers use a minimalist attitude to explore the habitants' habits, and sublimate creativity and practicality in artistic inspiration. With Italian elegance, grasp the dimension of living space, and have a glimpse of the host's romantic feelings with a light mood, which is a self-contained poetic communication

simple beauty - light luxury style

material - Eucalyptus

meet simple beauty

the consistency of color and atmosphere, and the balance of quantity and texture are the long confession to life. Integrating the philosophy of design into the seemingly ordinary shape, the atmosphere is light but not heavy. The blessing of American liberalism makes it easy for residents to have the most ideal life and make the beauty of nature within reach




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